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How does a generator work?

An electrical generator is a machine that works independently of the mains power source that supplies electricity when it is unavailable from the national grid through a power cut or electrical problem in your home. They are commonly used for backup power supplies for businesses and homes during a power cut and can be used as a main source of power when electricity is unavailable. When you need an Electrician Cheltenham, consider D Palmer, a leading Electrician Cheltenham service.

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Generators are available for just about any need, with small portable varieties used for camping, small devices or hobbies and larger, more permanent installations powerful enough to supply a whole house. There are also industrial size generators that provide significant amounts of power to hospitals, office buildings and manufacturing plants.

There are many kinds of generators, such as diesel, natural gas, bi-fuel and propane generators. So, how do they actually work?

Generators aren’t actually able to create electricity, instead they change mechanical energy into electrical power. This is done by harnessing motion power and converting it to electrical energy by pushing electrons from an outside source through a circuit.

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When a current is created, the current is sent through copper wires to provide power to any device, an external machine or, with large generators, an entire system.

The generators of today use science from Michael Faraday’s original principle of electromagnetic induction. He discovered that when conductors move in a magnetic field, electrical charges can be made and used to make a current flow. Basically, a generator is little more than an electromagnet that moves wires close to a magnet to create and direct a flow of electrical charge.


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