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How is the perfect house?

Is there the perfect house? You can create it as you like it! Today we are going to see some simple tips to give your home that unique touch so that it becomes your favorite place. As always, this is a matter of taste, and what is perfect for some may not be for others.

perfect house
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The ideal house according to Houzz

To give you some clues we have looked at a study carried out by the Houzz interior design application, which has pressed the opinion of the people to know what their perfect home would be like. According to this report, it would be a house in which the large windows let in natural light. The people consulted like cheerful and bright reception rooms, white walls and natural wood floors. They choose open spaces and soft tones when decorating, without forgetting the details like plants and flowers to give life to the rooms.

Natural light

One of the most valued aspects when it comes to finding our ideal home is natural light. The spaces are more cozy and comfortable if we have it, so if you want a perfect house, power it all you can. Place light curtains to let light in and if you have a choice, choose one with large windows. Later, it uses resources to make the most of it, such as the use of white, light woods and polished surfaces.

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The customization

For me, a house is perfect when the people who live in it feel it as a home. This is achieved in many ways, but one of the most important is through personalization. By this I mean that you have to give your personal touch through decorative accessories, the style by which you decant when decorating, colors, furniture …

perfect house
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Functional stays

A house that is comfortable living will be much more pleasant. Condition the kitchen so that you can work comfortably on it, with practical furniture to gain space, for example. The same in the living room or in the bathroom. Make each room have its own identity and be functional for day to day, without forgetting the decoration or personalization that we talked about before.

Natural materials

The sensations evoked by natural materials help us to feel much better. Textiles made of cotton or wool, wooden floors … All this will contribute to create much more cozy and pleasant environments. In fact, they even ensure that natural materials (especially if they are organic) bring home sensations and aromas that make us have a better mood.

perfect house
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Good insulation

Living with cold or too hot is never pleasant. A perfect house has to be well insulated so that the temperature is maintained and when we are inside we are always at ease. Take care of the windows and change them if necessary; It is one of the places where more heat is lost.

A balance at home

To achieve all this it is important to find a balance between all the rooms in your home. Personally I do not like the rooms especially recharged so, for me, the perfect house would bet for the “less is more”. As I say, it is a matter of balance and that you give with the best formula to make your home a personal and cozy redoubt.

Did you imagine your perfect home like this? What would you add or change to be perfect for you?


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