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How Good is Your Relationship With Your Kitchen?

Are you happy in your commercial kitchen? Perhaps you have a love-hate relationship with the room that is most important to your business? Setting up the perfect kitchen can be difficult – start off too big with all the luxurious pieces of kit on the market – and you may find the expense kills your profits. Start off too small, however, with only the bare minimum of equipment, and you may find you quickly outgrow it and can’t fulfill demand.

How Good is Your Relationship With Your Kitchen

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Getting the Right Equipment

Whether you’re just starting out or are planning a kitchen refurbishment, you may be looking for ways to improve the efficiency of your kitchen – and appliances are a great way to do this. Along with cooling and cooking equipment such as refrigerators and ovens, your commercial warewashers or dishwashers are probably the most important pieces of kit in your kitchen. Not only can these appliances save you a great deal of time but they can also help you adhere to strict food hygiene rules, as they are capable of washing crockery, utensils and cookware far more thoroughly than a pair of hands.

The Hygiene Issue

The UK’s Food Standards Agency points out that commercial dishwashers can be handy for washing items at a sufficient heat that they can be thoroughly disinfected.

Catering Insight describes how thermal labelling testing is used by manufacturers to check the performance of warewashers, and to ensure they reach the temperatures required for good hygiene practices.

Only dealing with reputable suppliers such as, will ensure you can be confident in your kitchen equipment and don’t fall foul of any food safety regulations.

As your business grows, you may find more and more of your time is taken up by administrative issues – not ideal if your passion for food is what drove you to start your business in the first place. By ensuring you and other staff members have a great working relationship with your kitchen, you can ramp up your business’s efficiency and make your kitchen somewhere you love to be. Ensuring you have the best possible equipment for the job at hand is a great way to lay the foundations for a happy, healthy and productive relationship with your commercial kitchen.


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