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Common problems with your TV Aerial

Despite the fact that we’ve all had to go digital and move away from the world of the analogue waves there is still a need for a TV aerial as something has to pick up the digital signal and cover it to your TV. They can still go very wrong though and a TV Aerial Repair Cheltenham company can certainly help you with the following issues that you are likely to come across. If you need a tv aerial repair Cheltenham appointments can be arranged through steve unett aerials

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A weak signal is one of the most common issues that you find with a TV aerial. Luckily this is an easily fixed issue as the simple addition of a booster unit might do the trick however it may be a simpler thing than that. Perhaps the TV itself is not working properly or there is a loose connection or the aerial itself is not aligned with the transmitter. This can also create “ghosting”. This is where two images appear on the screen and is the result of that poor signal. It’s the result of two signals actually and is more likely to be an issue position of the aerial itself. Again, this is a simple job for the technician. All they need to do is move it around and possible raise it so that the signal is stronger.

The next one is a little bit of trial and error I’m afraid. There may well be electrical interference from some of the other devices in your home. Even things like the central heating thermostat can have an effect on it. The only way you can rule out which one it isn’t is to start by trying one to see if it’s doing it. Then after that all you can do is see about moving in the device as far as possible away from the television. If that’s not possible then it might be an idea to rethink the position of the television.

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Other issues that might be causing problems could be simple things that are easy to fix. The cable that connects the aerial to the television might have become damaged or affected by weather damaged and a new one might be needed to make sure that the signal from the aerial is clean. The aerial itself might be the problem. If a bird has landed on it and bent one of the antennas, then that can also disrupt the signal. In the home the cable outlet could have become loose and corroded meaning they will need to be replaced.


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