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Cladding – What is it all about?

Cladding can transform the exterior look of a property, as well as having a big effect on how a building performs and the maintenance levels required.

Cladding serve different purposes. It protects the wall from the weather, adds a layer of insulation and, equally importantly, is one of the main ways to form the overall aesthetics of a building.

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The choices you make when it comes to the cladding are as important as the method of layout, design, and construction – This decision ultimately determines what the property looks like, how well it performs and the type of care needed for years.

What is cladding?

Cladding material on the exterior of the property is mounted front-facing and fixed directly to the wall, such as stone or Brick Cladding, for example, or fixed to a wooden batten, as in the case of wood cladding. What is Brick cladding? Find out at a site like Telling.

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Traditionally, properties in the UK have been constructed with solid walls making use of local materials such as stone. Through the course of the 20th century, though, standard wall construction practices began combining cavity design that divides the wall into interior and exterior sections, often referred to as the leaves or bark.

This means that load-bearing duties can now be done with the leaves inside, weatherproofing is handled by the outer leaves and retaining heat is managed by including additional insulation between the two. All you have to do is keep the weather out – and this is what cladding excels at.


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