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9 Ideas to decorate your garden without so much complication

Everyone defines “the garden of their dreams” differently. While for some having a pool is of vital importance, others just want to have a garden where they can have their plants. From a small garden to a wooded field: anyone who follows a couple of basic rules can get the best out of any garden. For this, of course, one must take into account, on the one hand, the conditions of the terrain but, on the other hand, personal preferences must be present in the design. A garden will give us a sense of well-being if it is cozy and reflects our individuality. Although you have to be creative when choosing the design, do not forget that the garden should fit the rest of the house. In this article, we give you 9 ideas to decorate your garden without so much complication.

9 ideas to decorate your garden without so much complication

  1. Ideas and inspiration for gardens.
  2. How can you design your garden?
  3. Create a garden.
  4. What do you have to pay attention to when planning the garden?
  5. What type of decoration should you choose for your garden?
  6. What style should you choose for your garden?
  7. What terrace do you choose for your garden?
  8. What furniture do you choose for your garden?
  9. What are the right plants for your garden?

Ideas to decorate your garden- 1: Ideas and inspiration for gardens

The moment you see a garden that you like, with a single click you can add your photograph to your book of ideas. Idea books serve to collect inspiration; at any time you can add or delete photographs, as well as change your order manually. In addition, the text fields that are predefined in the ideas books allow you to include personal comments about your favorite projects. The ideas books already created are automatically stored in your profile so you always have all your ideas about gardens in sight.

Ideas to decorate your garden- 2: How can you design your garden

There are different styles with which a garden can be formed. Since the green space of our house should mainly reflect our individuality, it is essential to first define our own personality. Once this point is clear, decisions can be made regarding the division between the garden and the terrace, the materials of the garden furniture, or the colors of the cushions of the seats that we want to use. Do we want to give priority to the plants, to bet on a pond or to inhabit it so that the children can play? At least as important as appearance is functionality. Thus, even before decorating the garden, we must ask ourselves what characteristics the garden should fulfill: should it radiate comfort, offer ample space for sports activities or better be flexible? Of course, different requirements can be combined. However, the sooner we know what we want, the easier it will be to put our ideas into practice.

Ideas to decorate your garden- 3: Create a garden

Before putting ourselves to use the shovel, it is essential to ask what effect the garden should follow afterward. Should it be designed to make barbecues, to provide refreshment in the middle of summer or to give a rest to our body and mind? Do we want to create a playground or a Zen garden or a vertical garden? Should it be easy to keep in the first place or be filled with flowers in the spring? What type of fences is suitable for our house and garden? All these questions must be clarified before giving the first shovel if then we do not want to take unpleasant surprises. Another question of great importance is the places in shadow. We should observe our garden for a whole day and, if possible, in different seasons of the year before, for example, cutting down a tree without hesitation. At least as important as the design of a garden is also its structure. Even a small green space can be divided into sections, such as a blanket of flowers or a flat place to sit.

Ideas to decorate your garden- 4: What do you have to pay attention to when planning the garden

If we are planning to have a garden, we must first investigate a little, collect some ideas and, finally, be advised by a landscape architect. Although building a garden can be a very attractive idea for DIY enthusiasts and gardening, in the long term it is always recommended to have the services of an expert, especially when you want to make major changes, as he will know better what materials are more resistant or what plants need little maintenance.

Ideas to decorate your garden- 5: What type of decoration should you choose for your garden

Who has the luxury of having a large garden, at least can afford to invest in their decoration as well as in the house? From the tablecloth, through the umbrella and up to the upholstery of the seats: the textiles manage to bring a special touch to the terrace and the garden. Other decorative elements are the plants, unquestionably from the individual pots to the original roses and flower beds. Light is also an important theme in the garden: thus, you can install fixed lamps that make our most beloved floral decorations shine even in the dark while creating a romantic atmosphere. In addition, it does not necessarily have to be a garden gnome also with accessories such as fountains, bird cages or sculptures you can beautify a garden.

Ideas to decorate your garden- 6: What style should you choose for your garden

Natural gardens: Flora and fauna gathered in a single garden: with the proper care not only flowers grow, but a great variety of living animals such as butterflies, frogs, and bees feel at home there. The maintenance of a natural garden must be free of chemicals with the right plants you hardly need to water them or even prune them. The basic idea is that it is the garden itself that provides sustenance, by keeping the soil fertile animals and plants. Thus, life in harmony with nature is guaranteed, and there is always something new to discover.

Modern gardens: When designing modern gardens, having a clear design is the most important thing. The division of the terrain, lawn and flowers can be marked, for example, by a paved path. Also, the inclusion of fountains, geometrically trimmed hedges or the use of steel is some of the elements of this contemporary design.

Mediterranean gardens: When you think of Mediterranean gardens, we mainly come to the head terracotta tiles and the combination of different shades of brown. In fact, the Mediterranean style is based largely on the characteristics of the Mediterranean countries Italy, Spain and Greece, even when the climate in these regions differs greatly from each other. Materials such as natural stone, wood, and colors such as white or light blue also play a crucial role in Mediterranean gardens.

Zen Gardens: Zen gardens, also known as dry gardens, are a special form of the Japanese garden, in which water is completely removed. However, wavy patterns are drawn with wooden rakes in areas of sand with the idea of symbolizing water. Other characteristic elements are gravel, sand, and boulders. Except for moss, plants are never used in Zen gardens.

Rockrose Gardens: Generally the rockets are established on a small slope, forming an alpine landscape in nature. To give the rockery an architectural structure, the stones are not stacked arbitrarily but follow a formal basic structure. In the wall, made of limestone, granite or slate, are usually integrated plants resistant to drought.

Small gardens: It does not matter if it is a meadow or a crop of fruits and vegetables. The garden is an ideal refuge to avoid the stress of daily life and a meeting place for the whole family. The trails are usually built with paving stones and as for the plants, strong and easy-care specimens are recommended, since irrigation is only relegated to the weekends. To reduce water consumption, wells or rain barrels are presented as economic alternatives to ponds and swimming pools.

Ideas to decorate your garden- 7: What terrace do you choose for your garden

Since in most of the time the gardens and terraces go hand in hand, the design of these two spaces cannot do less. For the garden floor there is a wide variety of design options: while the wood has a warm and cozy effect, the stone exudes fresh elegance and is very easy to clean. What we choose ultimately is a matter of taste and also depends on the temperature of the environment. Before deciding on a certain type of soil, we must ask ourselves what effect we want to achieve exactly. Should the terrace exude peace and comfort, or act as an outpost of the garden? And what is best suited to the rest of the house?

Ideas to decorate your garden- 8: What furniture do you choose for your garden

Along with the appearance, in the choice of garden furniture, two fundamental aspects must be taken into account: comfort and longevity. Due to the wide range of garden furniture that exists, we must first ask what kind of seats we look for exactly. From the hammock and the deckchair on the terrace to the lounge-style seat, there are at least as many different materials, colors, and styles as when we are faced with decorating a living room. However, many people opt for teak furniture and plastic rattan furniture. If we have already defined the style we want, the umbrella, the awning, and the table are chosen by themselves. On the other hand, and although contraptions such as swings or trampolines are not initially a priority, to avoid later problems of space, at some point they should be assigned an area in the garden.

Ideas to decorate your garden- 9: What are the right plants for your garden

Just as there are different design options within a house, the choice of plants can determine the style of the garden. First, we must decide if we want to plant vegetables, herbs or flowers. In addition to being pretty or ugly, plants have different functions: so, while hedges are used as screens, apple trees and cherry trees are designed for consumption, and flower gardens seek to bring us a beautiful fragrance. Nor should water consumption be neglected: anyone looking for a low maintenance solution in the long term should think about whether it would be better instead of perennial beds to choose to create a rockery garden easy to maintain and much cheaper to water consumption.

We hope you will like these ideas to decorate your garden without so much complication. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas. Thank you and have a great day!


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