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5 Tips to Getting Your Home Ready for Spring

Spring will soon bring warm weather and beautiful flowers, along with the many chores and responsibilities that come with this season. Your home has probably been closed up for most of the winter, but now you can open the windows and let in the fresh air. While you are doing that, make sure you face the important chores that should be done to get your home ready. Don’t wait until it’s hot outside to get your house in tip-top shape. Here are a few tips to help get you started on preparing your home for spring.

Take Care of the Trees in Your Yard

If any trees were damaged over the winter, now is the time to get them taken care of. Call a certified arborist for the best work, or do it yourself if the project looks easy. Just be very careful when cutting down trees or branches, and make sure that there are no power lines in the area that might be affected by your landscaping.

Clean out Your Air System

Make sure that your home is bringing in clean air by checking on and cleaning out your air filtration system. Call a professional to make sure the job is done right the first time. For example, if you need ductwork cleaning Gloucester VA, find a company with a good reputation like CC Air and Heat. This way you can make sure you’re breathing easily every day.

Take Care of Your Lawn and Flowers

Springtime is the right time to fertilize your lawn and perennial flowers and bushes. Usually, a fertilizer that is high in nitrogen is recommended at this time, as it will stimulate the growth of leaves and grasses. Check with your local garden center about any other amendments your plants or soil might need. Don’t wait until your lawn looks grim to take care of it. It might be too late if you wait for the summer.

Get Major Repairs Taken Care of

If you’ve been waiting for the winter storms to stop to make major repairs, now is the time. Check your roof and make sure that no damage has been done over the winter. Walk around your house and inspect your foundation to look for cracks or other signs of disrepair. Act now to get these things taken care of before the busy season.


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