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Tackling Spring Cleaning Simply

The weather is getting warmer, the flowers are starting to peak up through the ground, and it is that time of year when you have to make a fresh start. This begins with the annual spring cleaning. It is always a good idea to do at least one thorough cleaning each year. It encourages you to tackle all those once a year chores as well as allow you an opportunity to free up the rest of the year for more enjoyable activities.

Deep Clean

Weekly cleaning keeps the surfaces within your home sparkling clean, but it often overlooks the hidden areas that can cause odors or make our home unhealthy. This is the time of the year to take down all the window treatments and wash them. Thoroughly clean the windows before hanging them back up. Pull out all furniture and vacuum underneath. Wash walls and wipe down the base boards before putting the furnishings back in place. Launder area rugs and the throw pillows for additional freshness.


Now is the time to throw away all the excess clutter. Go through magazines and recycle those you don’t want. Old books can be donated to local libraries, and clothing can be dropped off at your area thrift stores and consignment shops. Go through kitchen cupboards and drawers. Get rid of what you don’t use and throw away expired foods. Get the kids involved by having them sort their toys. Some can be packed up and brought back out later. They will feel like brand new toys after having been packed away.

Annual Jobs

Spring is the perfect time to do your home’s annual maintenance. Clean the gutters and make sure all drain spouts are working. Check the foundation for any cracks that need repaired, and clean out all flower beds and gardens. Tackle any rodent or insect problems by having a professional inspect the house. Pest control companies in MD such as Barefoot Pest Control can find and take care of any unwanted nuisances.

Now that the spring cleaning is behind you, you can enjoy the rest of your year without any worries. Deep cleaning has left you with a fresh and inviting home, and all that decluttering leaves you feeling unburdened. Best of all, you can mark all those pesky annual jobs off your “to do” list.


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