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5 ideas for stress reduction in the workplace.

With stress reduction at work, absolutely all people are faced. Even if you perform your favorite work, which brings you pleasure, you will periodically feel an unstable psycho-emotional state, which is called stress. If the stress does not work, do not try to reduce the likelihood of its occurrence, then it can cause bad consequences, up to serious diseases.

To remove stress and calm the loosened nerves will help even a short walk along the corridors or on the stairs. It will be enough if you just get up from your desktop and stretch your legs.

The problem of working stress reduction is so large that many psychologists pay attention to it, who write books about it and conduct research. One such psychologist is Dr. Sharon Melinda, a specialist who chose as his specialization precisely the problem of how to remove/avoid stress at work. Her book “Stress-resistance. How to remain calm and effective in any situation »is recognized by many readers as a really useful material for those who often experience stresses and do not know how to overcome them. We present you with several rules for dealing with stress reduction, which Sharon described in the above book.

Take a walk around the office  for stress reduction

ideas for stress reduction

To remove stress and calm the loosened nerves will help even a short walk along the corridors or on the stairs. It will be enough if you just get up from your desktop and stretch your legs. Only if you are a manager for work with clients, your job is to every minute check e-mail for new letters and respond quickly to them. In other cases, do not constantly keep the page with e-mail inactive tabs in the browser. Select for yourself the optimal periodicity of time, in which you will check the availability of new letters. Tell your colleagues, partners, etc., and they will know for how long you will be able to see their letter and answer it. Read more: Choose blinds for windows

Exit to the sun

stress reduction in the workplace.

If the sun is bright sunny weather, be sure to take a few minutes and go outside to just stand in the sun. Sunlight has a calming effect and helps in the fight against stress. Read more: How to get married, date

Breathing exercises

In any place, including the office, you have the opportunity to make deep sighs. A conscious breathing strengthens the focus of attention and lowers the rhythm of the heartbeat.

Move along

best stress reduction

It is recommended to find an empty meeting room or other similar room and run around there, like a child who plays with his friends in Bacchic. This exercise is an excellent, effective way to relieve stress in a short time.

Call a friendtop ideas for stress red

Another reliable proven way to relieve stress is to call a friend. It is not necessary to discuss your problems, it’s enough just to talk about a pleasant topic (going to the movies, restaurant, etc.).

Alas, the operational memory of each person is not capable of retaining too much information in itself simultaneously. Therefore, it will be much more efficient to perform each task consistently: to pay all your attention to one task, to complete it, and only then to proceed to the next one, also completely giving it all your operational memory. In this way, you will spend less time sharing all the work and less making mistakes. As a result, the likelihood of stress reduction will decrease.

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