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9 Tips to reduce your electricity bill with your refrigerator

Your refrigerator is no magic that can work independently to everything around him. Neither does the same way as to house inside.

Your refrigerator, in short, interacts with both the outside as inside.

And if you learn these basic keys, you can help save a lot of money on your electricity bill.

  1. In bad company can spend up to 30%

That’s right: your fridge is like a son. If you surround yourself with those who do not, you will get a miscreant patience consume you and your pocket. For instance? Do not give him the space he needs to express (or, in the case, dissipate the heat generated at the rear).

So never in drawers. It allows at least 10 to 15 cm margin to the wall (and save up to 3% of energy).And neither are anywhere near heat sources such as heaters or radiators, windows where the sun gives directly, washing machines or ovens.

9 Tips to reduce your electricity bill with your refrigerator

Air circulation, hear!

  1. Watch the temperature

If you think putting butt is the most suitable, you are wasting money and spoiling your food.

Ideally, run at about 3 ° C.

As the freezer, the suitable temperature is -15 ° C. Below 18 ° C, each degree more (ahem, or less) will be an unnecessary increase in consumption of 1.2%. .

  1. Size Matters

And if you say otherwise, they’re lying: a large refrigerator consumes more. So you must match the size of the family and, therefore, food containing.

Because the refrigerator must never be too full nor too empty. Although, given the choice, it is better to enter physical elements (such as half-full bottles of water) to fill large gaps.

Why? Because the best preserved foods cold air itself.

This will reduce the temperature variations of the apparatus, and need not change its consumption until you enter more food inside.

But beware, the opposite is not good. Not load it excessively, or not allow cold air to circulate If you block its passage, the food preservation will be uneven and will create areas of greatest heat (and food degradation).

  1. That door, the cat escapes!

You may be as small. I loved opening the refrigerator door and hang the milk contemplate landscapes, sausages and vegetables that my mother kept.

But do inventory every time we open the refrigerator is bad. Lousy. So much cold air is lost; the device needs to put excessive sprint back to the ideal temperature. Ergo, higher consumption.

Every time the door opens for 10 seconds, 0.8% consumption soars.

And every time you do it with the freezer, the figure rises to 2%.

So think about what you want, choose, open and close.

  1. Thaw in the fridge

If you want to defrost fish, chicken, etc., plan it from the day before and let the food overnight in the refrigerator.

The next day will be also thawed, and cold that contribute to help save effort inside the appliance. So you will reduce more than 2% consumption that day.

Obviously, never keep (freshly cooked) hot food in the refrigerator: the day do, you will increase your energy consumption up to 15%.

  1. Packed your food well

Never let water or food moist air: moisture will evaporate, and make it stick to walls and ceilings (which can freeze and operate the unit worst) and bacteria and odors occur.

  1. The door is well insulated? Check it well

To ensure that the rubber is in perfect condition and not allow the entry or exit of air, pinch comes; shut the door, a piece of paper at different point’s threshold.

If the paper falls with the door closed, it is that you have a problem or rubber adhesive is in poor condition: replace the elastic bands and save money immediately from the first month.

Also, keep always clean the grease and dust bands to last longer and to close better. A damp cloth will suffice for this simple maintenance (dry well ever after!).

  1. Avoid ice at all costs

When an ice layer occurs not only lose usable space. In addition, you deny the freezer the possibility of knowing what actual temperature is, and work harder, producing more and more ice.

So never let the ice exceeds 3mm or begins to notice in your electric bill.

  1. The rear grille must be immaculate

Let’s get technical: it is called coil. And it tends to collect dust, which will shoot electricity consumption between 8% and 15%. Clean it at least once every two months with a duster or vacuum cleaner having a very soft and careful way between their lines.

And if though you are an incredible user and follow these tips your appliance spoils you – hey, life is like all the older and weaker. You know that you can have the best appliance repairmen to fix any fault.

Do you have questions about your refrigerator?



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