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600 sq ft house plan
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The complete 600 sq ft house plan

The term, 600 square foot house plan is a bit misleading. It is not the size of the floor space that determines what we call it; rather, it is the total area (which is measured in square feet) of all flooring surfaces inside this home design. A description such as “one bedroom, one bath” or “two bedrooms, one bath” does not give us enough information to accurately size the home. We need at least 3 significant digits (the third one tells us if we’re in a rural or urban setting), and we must clearly state that the number is in square feet; it’s up to you whether you want to include “ft.” after your number or not.

Pros and cons of building a 600 sq ft house plans

600 sq ft house plan

In general, just because a floor plan is 600 square feet doesn’t mean it’s small. In fact, many of our customers have found that this size home meets their needs nicely, and they’re grateful that we offer this smaller version for those who don’t need more space than that. Keep reading: Is Your Home’s Foundation Solid? Here’s What You Should Consider

When you design a home, it’s good to err on the side of caution and make it a bit too big, rather than a tad small. The foyer area, kitchen, living room and dining room should be combined into one large “great” room. In many 600 sq ft house plans, this great space is often open from floor to ceiling with a high ceiling, creating a grand sense of space — even in small homes.

The majority of our “600 sq ft” floor plans are actually 740 square feet, so you can rest assured you’re getting enough living space. We rarely design anything under 600 square feet because we want to err on the side of offering more than one might expect.

Despite the fact that 600 sq ft house plans can be somewhat smaller than other home plan options, there are some real advantages to designing and building this size of smart home — even if you do end up needing more space down the road. The beauty is in the flexibility; no matter how much time passes or what your future needs might be, you will own a home that can adapt to your evolving lifestyle.

Tips for designing your own 600 sq ft home

Some easy ways to make your 600 sq ft house plan feel larger:

Avoid long, narrow floor plans; they tend to “trap” and concentrate the living area into a smaller space. If you must have a home that is long and narrow (more parallel than perpendicular), consider including an angled-wall design element such as a vaulted ceiling or angled fireplace wall. Open up the ceiling to allow more natural light in, and keep it at least 10′ tall even if you’re only designing just one level. Include large expanses of windows and glass doors (with low-E, low-emissivity glazing) for an airy feel and better views of the surroundings. Provide plenty of mirrors to reflect natural light. Build an eat-in kitchen for added visual space (especially if you choose a larger kitchen island).

Layout your great room and kitchen together, rather than separating them into two distinct spaces. By combining the common areas, you’ll feel connected while also having ample space to move around in each area. Be sure to include specific gathering places, such as a table with stools or bench seating; finding appropriate spots for socializing is key when designing small floor plans! Create semi-private areas by including custom-built storage cubes or wall units to separate the sleeping quarters from the main living/entertaining space.

Layout your furniture in an efficient U-shape (or don’t use much furniture at all), and leave plenty of open space for walking and standing around.

How to find the perfect lot for your new design?

First, decide on the maximum size lot you want to find (in square feet). Next, search for lots of that size in your preferred city/state using these tools. If there are no listings of exact matches, come back to our site and choose one of our standard house plans with an open floor plan after the main living space (similar to your desired layout). This will provide a more accurate representation of the size and scale you’re looking for.

And lastly, it’s always helpful to utilize our Find A Lot tool to search by price range and ZIP code; this way, you can rule out the most expensive lots first or weed out those that are out of your price range.

Please keep in mind that the 600 sq ft house plan is strictly suggestions and can be built as-is, or with modifications. For instance, you might choose to build a two-story instead of a one-story or add an additional bedroom or bathroom. The design choices are up to you!


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