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Nordic floor
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Nordic floor with a lot of design in Denmark

Today we moved to Aarhus, a city in Denmark, to meet a beautiful house in which the designer Annemette Beck live, a house with bohemian air where they quote classic designs, such as Wishbone chairs Wegner or sofas by Le Corbusier, and more modern furniture and works of art worth seeing. Even his work items, such as coils of wire, become precious decorative elements. We enter this special house and charming to discover all the secrets behind their walls. We started!

Nordic floor
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Large and bright

The classic structure of this floor, built in the early twentieth century in the country’s second largest city, is reinforced moldings and stucco was delicately restored. All in a bright and very spacious.

Style housing

In this house live several decorative styles, and they do it with a lot of harmony … Nordic Aires with a Parisian flair framed all in very high ceilings with exposed beams, moldings and cornices, wood paneling on the walls with arches, stone and fibers on the terrace … An interesting mix and very effective.

Nordic floor
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Gold colored

Annemette designs have the gold color as one of the protagonists. An example is found in her living room itself, where a large niche in the wall papered looks in this key and a very original texture.

Natural materials

On the terrace they have used natural materials such as stone wall, which looks hung a tapestry designed by the owner of the house, consisting of golden threads in combination with the applied and natural fiber furniture.

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Own and other’s creations

The designs Annemette, such as silk carpets and wool, the front dorado you’ve commented before or some pieces are sculptures in themselves, share space with very special furniture like the Wishbone chairs around the dining table, design Hans J. Wegner also Danish, Le Corbusier sofas and lamps Ingo Maurer.

Nordic floor
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Cosiness with the use of wood and textiles

The warmth Danish appropriates this floor through the use of wood on the floor and woolen textiles as carpets or love blankets of green hair on the chairs.

The large library lounge

In the living room, plus the golden wall he said before, is the spectacular Italian bookstore Porro Italian company with its ladder to reach the highest books; a coffee table Zanotta; the LC2 Le Corbusier sofa and a rug designed by the Annemette itself, an image that conveys this taste for authenticity and for interior full of personality. In the center of the room a long table Hans J. Wegner is located with chairs and two very cool lamps Luceplan, with golden panel as a backdrop for this special and artistic decoration.


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