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Modern apartment
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Modern apartment with traditional touches in Chicago

Tradition and modernity is in a masterly way this Chicago apartment we visited today. It belongs to the designer and architect Gabriel Fontes, lover of modernism, and his partner Grant, more classically minded. So together they create the perfect combination for your own home, we know from the inside to find unified spaces with soft and natural textures. Would you accompany us on this tour? I think you’ll like it!

Different concepts but always united

Fontes explains in the blog Home Polish, the main objective for this house was to merge the concepts of modernity and tradition to make it a cozy and sophisticated home. The tastes of the couple, far between, have managed to find this nice apartment in Chicago.

Modern apartment
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The kitchen

The kitchen is one of the rooms where you can see perfectly this union between modernity and tradition. It has a rather rustic style with dark wood for furniture, but incorporates own details of the latest design, with modern appliances, a tiled wall with contemporary aesthetics and a Chulis Eames chairs where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast.

Colors and textures

In this American apartment, using a palette of monochromatic colors has managed to unify the space. The rooms flow and they can find very natural textures with very special fabrics.

Modern apartment
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The lounge

Gabriel favorite place is the lounge. Chaired by a fireplace, firewood is stored on each side gives a very interesting this corner touch, the couple enjoy often, especially when it ‘s cold and kindle the fire, play cards, drink wine or sit to read in the reading corner. A stay starring a beautiful natural light flowing through the windows and that make it very cozy and comfortable.

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The office

If Gabriel loves the room I fell in love the office. It is chaired by bookstore perfect minimalist lines in order to keep different objects. We meet with Eames chairs, very present throughout the house, one leather and one of molded plastic. A wall with pictures and memories and a wooden bench under the window complete the decoration of this space where it seems impossible not to work at home…

Modern apartment
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Although their decorative tastes do not seem to be very similar, they agree on something and Grant Gabriel. Both grew up in beach area, so this issue is very present in your home, through pictures hanging on the ladder and also with wooden oars placed on one of the walls.

A cozy home with lots of character

According to Gabriel and Grant they think, for a home cozy people who live should be proud of what they have created and comfortable living in it. It is precisely what they have achieved in this Chicago apartment. And Gabriel is very clear. When decorating the important thing is to follow your instinct, choose what you like best even though it is not what by definition more “stick” in that place, and let your home is a photograph of yourself. For this designer, there is nothing more sophisticated than the fact that a home is a portrait of people living in it, whatever the style chosen.


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