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Manual for a tidy house
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Manual for a tidy house and happy

Order gurus multiply. More and more experts in interior design and order point to this trend that helps us gain space at home freeing ourselves from what we do not need and learning to organize our rooms.

However, today we go a little further. We propose a small guide with such ingenious ideas and practical for a tidy house and stylish. You want to know the new order? Here we go!

Manual for a tidy house
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Only keep what makes you happy

Marie Kondo’s book, The Magic of order: tools to order your home … and your life has been a success. And no wonder, since the order is one of our unfinished businesses, at least for most of the population.

Among all the tricks of Marie Kondo method we decided to include in this book his advice to keep things that make us happy. Do not store accessories or gifts bad times, experiences or people who estimate little. Get rid of anything and stay only with those things that bring good memories.

Your hobbies well in sight

Another expert guru in order is Fay Wolf. Her creativity is being a success in Hollywood and movie stars could not escape this trend. She suggests keeping in view all the things we like to do, like painting, reading, playing guitar … Whatever your hobby, try to make it the focus of any room and of course, without taking up much space.

Plan before ordering

Nicole Anzia is another guru order that is revolutionizing the world of interior design. She advised us to avoid a common mistake: buy hundreds of containers, boxes, baskets, containers, tanks and other storage accessories.

According to her, most of the time these supplements do not supply our needs for order, but quite the opposite: they take our space! Nicole must first think about where to put things that we will keep before looking for the best place for them. And then we get rid of what we do not need.

Manual for a tidy house
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A list for all

The dreaded ready to plan and manage the house can become a real headache. Most often they end up staying in the trunk of memories, as we completely forget about them.

For this reason we make lists well with the different aspects of our life we want to have in order: family, home, work and personal. Tries to unify all those outstanding things to do to avoid the feeling of chaos. Having it all in a single list will help us maintain real control of our lives.

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Start at the hall

The hall is something like the letter both our home and ourselves. Says much of our personality than we think, so it is essential to the well – ordered entry.

A key holder for all keys, a drawer for advertising and letters, a blackboard on which to write down little things you should not forget or want to remind the rest of the family or your roommates … Enter your home should make a good printing, both you and your guests.

Manual for a tidy house
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Nothing “just in case”

Are you familiar that phrase of “just in case”? It is a classic when we make our luggage, no matter what our destination. The problem is that at home we do exactly the same thing before throwing something we always think of saving as we need it one day.

Some order every day

If anything, the gurus agree the order is everything must be done at once, nothing of leaving things halfway. So book a whole day to organize your home. However, we must always spend a few minutes each day to keep the room organized. They recommend us make this task our personal ritual that we must follow to the letter.


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