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Bigger house
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How to get a bigger house

Who has not dreamed of such a bright and spacious as we see in magazines specializing in decoration and interior home? Implementing the right tips can approach this ideal to boast a dream house.

In HealthyHousePlans are a few tricks that will help you gain distance in your rooms. Do you want to get a bigger house? Take note!

The best furniture to save space

In a small house where we need to make the most of every available space the convertible furniture is a great solution. A sofa bed, a bunk bed, a trundle bed, a chest or ottoman with interior storage space, furniture casters, extendable dining tables…

Bigger house
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The sofas with chaise lounge or L-shaped are another great solution to optimize space. Perfect to define the lounge area and promote circulation in this space, we will recommend models without armrests, low and simple lines support as they bring lightness to the decor.

In addition, the furniture with a single point of central support as the round dining tables decorates without overtaxing the environment.

Unify environments using paint

Decorate the rooms of the house following the same pattern and style helps us achieve that seem more spacious housing. Therefore we recommend painting all the walls and decorating all your spaces with the same pattern and with a base color.

In this sense, it is the same color to paint the walls and ceilings to blend these two spaces eliminating borders. In this way we visually raise the ceiling, gaining breadth and height. You can also paint the ceiling and walls of two different colors, but both in light shades, as the color contrasts only get the room look smaller than it really is.

Bigger house
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The best surfaces

As for the materials, we suggest to choose the reflective surfaces that light multiply. For example, try to change an opaque glass door to win one of light and allow the light to flow more easily through your house. But if you’re worried about losing privacy, our advice is to opt for satin glass with which you win light in your surroundings but without sacrificing privacy.

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Neutral colors and satin finishes

The textures and gloss finishes bring light to the environments and aesthetic amplitude. And as for the color, our advice is to choose light and neutral tones.

Neutrals are a great choice for its timeless elegance and brightness they bring. But yes, choose light colors like white, crude oil, vanilla … Experts in interior we recommend avoiding too abrupt color changes that make the rooms are smaller.

Bigger house
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Little tricks for a bigger house

Small gestures make a difference and help us decorate a bigger house. Gestures as simple to implement as hide all the elements of a room that can make our environments look smaller. These thieves space are the doors, beams, furniture and windows.

To conceal and integrate all these elements in the room our advice is that you paint in bright colors and relate to the rest of the furniture. White and cream tones are a great solution because they reflect and multiply light.

Finally, do not forget prints that well used can transform and magic in our spaces. In small environments ideally opt for minimalist prints and bright colors. And to gain height in our rooms, opt for vertical stripes. But in narrow rooms ideally strips do not exceed 10 centimeters, because we can achieve the opposite effect.


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