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How to buy a print in five steps

Buying a photography print is not as straightforward as it may seem at first. How much to spend, where to buy and how to look after your print are all key questions when it comes to choosing and buying a new print, either for your home or your art collection. Read on to find out how to buy a print in five steps.

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Set your budget

First choose how much you want to spend, as this will essentially dictate what print you buy.

Appoint an Art Adviser

If your budget is high but you want to protect the value of your new asset, it may be wise to appoint an art adviser who can help guide you through the process and will have an idea of which prints are likely to hold their value. They can also help you with the next step: determining where to buy the piece.

Where to buy

How can you decide among online sellers, art galleries, independent print photography sellers, and auctions? An art expert will help you choose where to shop for the right print for you. If your budget is not high enough to appoint an art expert, the best thing to do is go into your local art and photography galleries and get a feel for them. Some will clearly be run by art lovers, but others are controlled by those who are in it for the cash. Another choice for low budgets is to choose Own Art, an Arts Council scheme that allows you to pay for art over a 10-month period in smaller installments. Prints of famous photos is a low-cost way to obtain nice art as they can be bought easily online from expert giclee print sellers.

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Check for quality

Even the prints of top photographers will not always be the highest quality. High quality giclee printing like that used at is guaranteed to offer long-lasting quality and durability and will also show off your photo’s beauty.

How to store it

Now that you have your print, you’ll want to keep it in top top condition so it retains both its quality and its value. Place it behind a UV-shielding, museum-grade glass frame as soon as possible. Before it is safely behind glass, only handle your print with gloves.


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