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Bright and cozy home in Vancouver (Canada)

Today we travel a bit further, specifically to Vancouver, a city on the Pacific coast of Canada which lies in the southwest of the province of British Columbia, between the Coastal Mountains and the Strait of Georgia. This house of more than 300 square meters is located on the west side of the city. Enjoy wonderful mountain views and is designed to take full advantage of the outdoors, always in connection with the interior. If you fancy discovering all its corners and secrets, we invite you to read and enjoy the photographs that we show you at the end. Do not lose detail!

Spaces united but differentiated

We start at the bottom. The main floor is very large and is formed by an open and fluid space. The private and public areas are perfectly defined, but without the need to use internal walls for this purpose. This is achieved with different roof heights and different floor levels, which help distinguish the use of each space and the nature of the individual areas.

Beams in sight

The exposed beams on the ceiling help to exaggerate the feeling of space and add an extra touch of warmth to the place. In addition, the large glass doors fold completely to travel in comfort from the inside and from the garden, and vice versa. The interior stands out for the use of wood and light tones that create an atmosphere of the most welcoming and comfortable.

Two connected volumes

If we follow up, we note that the upper floor is divided into two different volumes, connected only by a bridge that serves as a private link to the master suite.

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The importance of natural light

A longitudinal skylight is at the head of the double height atrium, combined with generous glazing, it continues to enhance the feeling of spaciousness to provide a seamless visual transition to the garden and flood the main floor of all natural light as possible.

The stays

We do not see many photos of the private rooms, but we can see that in the bathroom there is also a large window from floor to ceiling, which allows the entrance of plenty of natural light, and the tub that presides over this room, decorated in white and with light wood furniture. In one of the bedrooms we can find furniture in brown tones and light textiles, very cozy too.

Panoramic views

Now, located on the roof, we found a linear deck, north-south orientation, which offers panoramic views without any obstacles to the mountains of the north shore and the other homes that make this residential area.

The outside area

The gardens located on the front and back of the house draw the natural light on the ground floor, providing more space for family entertainment. The volumes of this house are very well defined from the outside of the house, where we can see how the interior is connected to the outside thanks to the large windows and how the light manages to flood everything.


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