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Malibu Beach House
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A house built on the sand and waves of Malibu Beach

With the arrival of the good weather, they want days of sea and beach. There are still months ahead in which we will enjoy these spectacular moments. And to open the mouth we will move to the beach in Malibu, California (United States).

An idyllic, movie setting, where we found this weekend home built on sand and waves. Impacts its interior design but its exterior falls in love. Especially those spectacular sea views. Do you want to know more? We present it to you next.

Malibu Beach House
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A perfect location

This house has an amazing location, since it is at the end of a long open stretch of beach and has views from three sides. From its terraces or from the main rooms, thanks to the large windows, it is possible to enjoy an exceptional beach landscape.

The main spaces

The main spaces of this beach house open to the sea through glass walls and extensive decks. This makes it possible for the interior and exterior to be always connected and the sea will enter in this perfect holiday home to enjoy a weekend at the beach.

Malibu Beach House
Image Source: Google Image

The design of this holiday home

The design of this house reminds us of yachts and large marine engines. It seems as if the ground had been raised on the waves of the sea. The angular structure of the house allows the facades, fully glazed, to offer these beautiful views to the sea. This diagonal also reinforces the overhang and creates a tension in the composition, as if it floated on the waves.

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In addition, it is located in an unusual space, since it is at the end of a row of adjacent houses and, therefore, has three visible facades. For its creators it was very important that the house could be seen from all sides, leaving the area of the street more private and protected. The windows serve to reflect the movement of the sea.

The interior decoration: The living room

Once inside, we observe a large and open living room, with wooden floors and stone wall, with a glass table and an area of sofas and armchairs where we see a fireplace. All this always, as we say, overlooking the sea thanks to the windows that go from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling. This room has an outdoor terrace.

Malibu Beach House
Image Source: Google Image

The top

Climbing a wooden staircase on a stone wall and with a glazed railing we reach the bedroom area, equally open to the outside, clear and very welcoming thanks to the use of white and beige textiles with certain concessions to the blue of the sea.

The bedroom and bathroom

From this private area stands the union between the bedroom and the bathroom, which are divided by a central partition that allows both spaces to be connected but clearly differentiated. The result is incredible, since the bathtub and the sinks are integrated in the bedroom but both places are visually separated with this central wall.


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