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These trees can cause issues with your drains

Trees are necessary or life and they are incredibly beautiful to look at, but their root networks can be incredibly damaging to our properties and our drainage systems, which is why you should carefully choose the trees that you plant and ensure that you monitor and maintain them.

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It is the root network of the tree that causes most of the damage and unfortunately this goes unseen. The roots can penetrate the foundations of buildings as well as cause cracks and splits to occur in your drainage pipework. This can then lead to issues in your home where you may need to use a Drainage Cleaning company such as who will find where the problem is occurring and fix it.

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Here are some of the trees and shrubs that are known to cause issues with your pipework.

  • Oaks trees
  • Willow trees
  • Ivy plants
  • Holly bushes
  • Birch trees

All of these either have incredibly strong roots that are able to break through the walls of your drainage pipes or they crave moisture, which means that they will seek out any easy roots to being able to access water. This often means that they will travel to drainage pipes and will find any way they can to get access to the water that they carry inside. Some of the trees, such as oaks, grow incredibly slowly so you may not be aware of any damage that is taking place as it occurs over such a long time period.


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