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Ready To Decorate? Follow These Steps To Get the Room Just Right

Is it time to decorate your place? Do you have a room ready for a refresh? Picking out a new look and redesigning a space can be an invigorating experience. However, it can also have its fair share of ups and downs if you’re not quite sure how to progress. If you’re looking for a smooth, efficient process, give these tips a try!

1. Measure. Measure. Measure.

Determine the dimensions of the room. This step is critical. You don’t want to invest in new furniture to find that it’s way too small or fits awkwardly into the area. Also, think about the depth and height of shelves and the height for fans and lights. Write it all down, and save it to your phone! When you shop, reference it often.

2. Draw a Layout

Have a sketch of what you desire in appearance. Use it as a guide when buying pieces to fill in the space.

3. Pick a Style

Don’t spend a dime yet! Figure out your vision. Do you want something modern? Are you looking for something casual? What about a fun, farmhouse style? Look online for various images, and walk through some model homes. Make a note of what captures your interests. Of course, you should also think about your lifestyle. A family-friendly home looks different from upscale chic!

4. Shop for a Focal Piece

Once you have a concept, search for home decor accents Alpharetta GA to locate the perfect piece to ground your ideas and highlight what you love. Once you fall in love with one thing, it often inspires many others!

5. Take Your Time

Don’t rush. Forcing yourself to buy something is often a mistake, leading to awkward choices that you could regret later, especially with significant buys.

Have fun creating something unique and gorgeous. Minimize your shopping and design stress by knowing things ahead of time, such as floor plan, measurements and concept.


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