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10 interesting ideas for storing pans

Keeping kitchen utensils an important part of the kitchen. When placing objects, factors of aesthetics and convenience are taken into account. A stylish organizer for storing pans helps to make even a small space effective.

Using design tricks, a free place for dishes can be found even in a small kitchen. An interesting solution is the additional elements on the bar.

Easier to plan space and choose storage space if the kitchen is equipped with a zero. If the kitchen set is already installed, then the ideas that will allow storing pans as compact as possible will help.

Ideas for storing pans and Kitchen set

ideas for storing pans

Kitchen storage ideas include traditional options. Such as hanging kitchen cabinets. In such designs, pans and pans can be stored on top of the headset. In this case, the dishes have to be washed before use, since dust will settle on it.

For large-size frying pans, floor structures are used. In one place are stored pans, pans, and lids from them. Read more: Kitchen interior: modern design ideas

When creating storage space, modular furniture is used.

For convenient placement of utensils in the drawers of the headset, special spacers are used.

The following options are available:

  • Horizontal dividers.
  • Vertical constructions.
  • With the installation of round shelves.
  • A similar element is hand-made. In the separating sections, pans and cutting boards are added.

Retractable structures

best ideas for storing pans

Retractable devices are characterized by convenience. From them, no problem gets any object. There are several varieties of such structures. Select the appropriate options from the following devices:

  • Built-in modules are found in any kitchen set.
  • Drawers are considered to be a common solution. For them, there is a stand for lids from pots.
  • The sliding platforms are characterized by additional ventilation. When designing the headset, the required height is selected. A narrow platform for covers is chosen.
  • Platforms are equipped with metal holders. The pots are placed in a lateral position. In this case, a holder is used for the lids from the pots. This non-standard solution helps to save a lot of space. Read more: How to design your bedroom: 5 best ideas


itop deas for storing pans

The cross-beam rails are designed to attach pans and other kitchen accessories to them.

Such systems are collected independently. For this, the base crossbeams, hooks and fasteners are used.

A beautiful design is complemented by an original apron for the kitchen area.

It is not recommended to install rails at the cooker. Because the droplets will get a drop of fat.

Suspended to the wall or ceiling, the railings help to free the cabinets from bulky items

A few rails are suspended. On the upper crossbar are hooks for large pans and pans. And on the bottom, longer hooks for kitchen utensils of medium size.

If the ceiling is not high, then it is necessary to choose a structure that will not be able to touch the head.

The rails can be mounted under the ceiling. In this case, the space for the structure should not be a through the passage. It is important to correctly calculate the load so that no collapse occurs.

Wall panels

In case of an acute shortage of space, useful wall panels, called pegboard, will help.

This panel allows you to save space in the kitchen cabinets. The wall panel is a sheet of perforated plywood or steel, which is mounted with screws. The resulting surface is easy to change. You can change the size or repaint in accordance with the style of the interior.

On the surface of a holder for frying pans, which is a special mount on the screws.

Some manufacturers of kitchen furniture began to produce panels on magnets, on which kitchen utensils are stored without any additional crochets.

A budgetary option is a metal band with hooks.

Unusual ideas for storage

best storing pans

The simplest method of storing frying pans is to drive nails into the wall, on which the utensils are hung.

The original solution is a hanger for clothes. Pots and pans are placed on the shelf and hooks.

An alternative idea is the use of a ladder, which is decorated with metal hooks. Organizers from IKEA are also used.

To save space, the covers are stored on the same shelf as the frying pans. In some cases, special fasteners are hung on the door. As a fixing material, hooks or special supports are used, which are mounted with screws.

When mounting the structure to the doors, the following rules are observed:

  • When installing the hooks, you need to ensure that the construction in the closed state does not touch the internal shelves.
  • The weight of the kitchen utensils must be correctly calculated.
  • If there is a separate shelf, then a standard dish dryer is used. There are covers on it.

It is worth considering the following options:

top storing pans

  • A stylish solution is to use a stand for one lid or a frying pan. This design is irreplaceable when cooking.
  • If the area of the countertop allows, then the pans and covers are stored on a table stand.
  • Wall racks are considered an open space for storing small things. Such elements are distinguished by availability in price and a certain height.
  • Racks for doors of cabinets come in different types. There are elements specially designed for swing doors of floor structures. Compact wall racks and self-made elements.
  • The economical option is considered to be sliding structures made of plastic. Among the solid elements are mesh shelves with restrictive bumps. Such variants move along guide rails, which are mounted in the lower part of the cabinet.
  • In the spacious kitchen for storing pans, a retractable shelf is used at the top of the floor cabinet. The height is from 5 to 18 cm.
  • Frying pans are placed on the shelves of the floor or wall cabinets. At the same time, table dryers or wooden stands are used.

A costly option is the use of mesh shelves for frying pans and lids. For this, sliding elements made of metal are used. In this case, several compartments are installed. In this case, pans and covers are stored separately.

  • Organizers made my own hands are considered an economical option.
  • To store kitchen utensils, hooks are made of plastic with a backing adhesive layer.

Choosing original and convenient storage structures helps create a practical and functional interior in the kitchen.

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