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Many properties of quality housing and combine classical elegance, but more and more customers demand individual equipment in luxury properties. It’s about getting the subtle difference that makes the property unique. Do you also look for something special and individual? These properties score for its unique individuality.

Terraced pool in Son Vida

The architectural highlight of the property in Son Vida overlooking the Bendinat Castle is undoubtedly the terraced pool with glass walls, waterfalls and places to sit. Directly above the pool is the guest house with a clear glass floor so that interesting insights are achieved from the pool twenty meters long.

Individual Housing3
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The proximity of Grasse sure it was no coincidence lived here in Cannes and Estee Lauder perfumes and cosmetics created for its world-famous line of cosmetics. The typical turquoise color of its products as we find the property decorating the walls along the staircase. There is also a room dedicated to the designer who recalls his life and works through photographs and artworks. Villa Roche-Cline is one of the most impressive buildings in the Belle Epoque and its ten bedrooms and six bathrooms also offer enough space for guests.

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Technology buffs will love this property: the entire building is equipped with a radio system bus tour. For example, you can control heating, lighting, blinds and music centrally and via an app. Furthermore, infrared cameras tell us who is in which room. Thanks to the interconnection of technical installations for buildings safer and lower energy costs is achieved. Flexible solutions make it possible to use artificial intelligence throughout the house and control it by touch screen phone or tablet.

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Image Source: Google image


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