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Ideas to organize a decorative dressing

We know that the order is not incompatible with the decor, but what happens to the dressing room? That place that sometimes we want to keep away from any look that is not particularly attractive … Well, with the ideas that we will see below are not alone you can keep organized your clothes and accessories, but also what you do in a decorative way. In addition, without much effort on your part, because with these solutions properly order this space will be easier than it may seem.

Orderly environment for rest

To promote relaxation order in the bedroom is essential. With the different storage, solutions that exist can take advantage of the available space in our dressing to prevent clothing, footwear and accessories are out of place and create a visually unattractive space.

decorative dressing
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Everything in its place

If you leave clothes dressing sight must be clear that everything must be well folded and in place. Sets where everything should go t-shirts, accessories, accessories, pants and shirts and respects the space intended for it. It costs as much as seems now to have a wardrobe that everyone can admire.


The boxes will be your best allies for order and bedroom decor. You can use them in cloth, cardboard or wood; they will be very decorative and can leave them in sight on any of the shelves.

Transparent boxes

If you want to avoid opening boxes and drawers looking for those shoes you want to wear or handkerchief that best matches your shirt today nothing better than a transparent boxes that let you see everything inside. Of course, you must be careful how to fold clothes and leave the accessories…

decorative dressing
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Hangers for belts and necklaces

There is nothing worse than a messy scrambled necklaces and belts. To prevent snagging with each other and always keep on hand you can put a hanger with removable rail with well let you get saved when not in use and dispose of them easily when needed. You can also place a hook on one of the doors for them to stay in sight.

The shoes

Shoes are one of the elements that most end desolateness dressing. You can place them in transparent boxes to easily find the model you are looking for or include other solutions to organize your bedroom.

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Small dressing

If you do not have space to create a huge closet in your bedroom quiet, there are simple alternatives and very practical to have your clothes and accessories. And very decorative! Look at these examples. With a donkey for clothes (even hung from the ceiling), a mirror and a place reserved for footwear, you have ready your personal space. You can leave perfectly in sight because it helps to decorate the room.

decorative dressing
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The lighting

A dressing room with integrated lighting you will be comfortable for your daily life. Especially when you want to look for some small object.

Vertical Storage

The shelves and shelves help maintain order in the dressing room while you take advantage of vertical space. At the top you can leave what you do not wear, clothes another season, stored in a decorative boxes, and leave the bottom to the things of everyday life.


No standard measures, although the drawer’s sulene be between 25 and 28 centimeters. If you’re going to make a dressing as you can include smaller drawers, a lower height, which take up less space but perfectly where you can keep your underwear and accessories.


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