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Ideas to change your decoration updating your textiles

If you get tired of decorating your house but you do not have the desire or the budget to make a big change, I propose a series of ideas with which you can give a renewed air to your rooms by only updating the textiles. That easy! Just put a few different cushions, a different rug or a new quilt in your bed you will have another room. They are simple changes that you can make when you feel like it, sure that you do not get bored anymore.

textiles decoration
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According to the seasons of the year

The first idea is very easy to do and consists in modifying the textiles depending on what season of the year we are. For example, in the autumn opts for prints and colors such as oranges, browns and earth tones; in the summer he chooses others more alive, even with some touch of fluoride; for spring we can leave prints of flowers and for the winter blankets and more chubby bedspreads, thick wool, and in cozy tones like beige or blue, for example.

Change the cushions

Another very simple idea is to change your cushions. You can have several and put different covers as you want a renovation of your decoration. You can be guided by the fashionable colors of each moment or simply by what the body asks of you. Your living room or bedroom will look different with this simple gesture.

textiles decoration
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Play with textures

As we have seen how to play with colors and patterns depending on the time of year you can do the same with textures. Cotton and linen for the cooler months and wool for the coldest will be a great choice. A chubby blanket on the sofa will be ideal in winter, with a rug under the table. In summer, white cotton curtains will bring freshness to your living room and you can also change the sheets.

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We go to the bedroom

On the other hand, in the bedroom you can also update the textiles for brand new decoration. In this case, the covers of quilts, sheets, quilts and cushions will be your best allies for it. You can also change the carpets at the foot of the bed, if you have them, or put them in winter and remove them in summer. Total freedom to play!

textiles decoration
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In the bathroom

Do you get tired of always seeing the same towels in the bathroom? Then it’s time to get several different games, with different colors and even with some drawings, so there’s never any room for boredom. If you leave them in sight, folded, they are very decorative. You can combine them with different mats and you will be giving a change to your bathroom whenever you feel like it.

Textiles of a table

The table is one of the most popular spaces, a meeting and meeting place. Or even if you use it for yourself every day. Does not matter. What you need to do is update it whenever you want. That’s why it’s good to have several different tablecloths, with different napkins, and change whenever you want. A very practical idea is to have a pair or three of smooth tablecloths, for example, and several sets of colored napkins, stamped, the ones you like the most. So with a single tablecloth you can use several napkins and you will have many combinations to make.

textiles decoration
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This change may be a bit more expensive but the room will look totally different. It is not to do it often, but if you suddenly see that you have tired of always seeing the same curtains, it is time to renew them. Discover the different options you have and think which one will fit best in the corresponding stay. You will see what simple and effective change.


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