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How to update your home on a budget

The cost of sprucing up your home can be off-putting if you are on a tight budget, but updating doesn’t have to be a costly affair. Here are some affordable ideas to help you modernise your home without breaking the bank.
Increase kerb appeal

First impressions really do matter, so get rid of tatty doors and windows. If you have a bigger budget, replace them with steel or hardwood frames or simply get to work with new paint in a contemporary shade. Go for timeless yet modern shades, such as soft greys or duck-egg blues. You can read more about the importance of kerb appeal, especially if you want to sell your home, on the BBC website.

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Clean up

Whether you are blasting outside with a pressure washer or wiping down doors, a good clean is a cheap, easy and quick way to give your home a new lease of life.

Kitchen revamp

Your kitchen should be the heart of your home, but new ones can be costly. If a replacement isn’t on the cards, think about repainting the units or replacing the handles on drawers and cupboards to update the look.

Make a splash

Cosmetic tweaks can also be the order of the day when it comes to refreshing bathrooms. Give the grouting and tiles a good clean and do battle with the dreaded limescale wherever it has collected. Think about replacing toilet seats, towels and shower curtains or investing in new storage units to hide toiletries if your budget stretches this far.

Hide clutter

Your crochet kits may be your favourite items of the time, but make sure they – and the rest of your possessions – have somewhere to hide if visitors or potential buyers arrive. You want to show off your home and, while it may be your dream job, you are not advertising ‘a huge range of crochet kits available here.

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If space is short, think about multi-function furniture with hidden storage, such as footstools with inner compartments, ottoman beds, and coffee tables with lift-up lids or concealed drawers.


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