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Decorate a galley kitchen
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How to decorate a galley kitchen

The galley kitchen takes its name from those compartments own a boat, plane or train where the food was prepared. In these areas, the objective was to optimize the few square meters of which were available for such a task, purpose that has moved to the design of this type of rooms in the house to maximize the distribution of the room.

In these kitchens the vertical space with storage modules on the walls, and their design is used, say, stricter, it is one that comes with two rows facing of furniture and appliances, located in parallel, with shelves and cupboards in the wall, a generally rectangular space for, although it is also used in reference to the U-shaped kitchens.

Decorate a galley kitchen
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The first galley kitchen

The first mass – produced galley kitchen dates from 1926 and is known as the Frankfurt kitchen. Its designer was Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky, who worked under the orders of Ernst May. The placement of 10,000 units in Frankfurt made ​​her the most successful and influential kitchen of the time. It is currently used mainly in small homes that do not have excessively large spaces.


Being kitchens, usually small, it is good that decorate with light, neutral colors and pastels, to promote the feeling of spaciousness of space. White is always a great option. If you put the counters of the same color that the furniture will get an elegant and cozy design.

Decorate a galley kitchen
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Space between the two rows

If your kitchen is small and opt for this type of design, you should keep in mind that the space you leave between the two parallel rows of furniture and cabinets must be broad enough within the kitchen itself is certainly small, to move and to cook comfortably.

The lighting

Important, too, have adequate lighting in this type of cuisine. If there is no window to allow in natural light must place a lamp that illuminates the room from the ceiling and focal points of light to work with more comfort and security in the area of the counter.

Decorate a galley kitchen
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Like I said, in this type of cuisine, with reference to traditional galleys of ships or aircraft, space exploits vertically, i.e. with multiple storage systems distributed on the walls, to the ceiling, and using all this surface to store your utensils and appliances place. You can put the refrigerator and sink on one side, for example, and the cooking area in the front.

The kitchen decor

If the galley kitchen is very long and narrow you do not have too much space available for excessive decoration. You can hang pans and large covered in hooks to become visible but also fulfill their role in cooking, always having them handy, or you can put a plant of basil, cilantro, parsley or any spice you like to use for your culinary creations.


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