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Bedroom with bohemian style
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How to decorate a bedroom with bohemian style

The bohemian style love for bedrooms. It is very fresh and colorful, cheerful and full of character and very flattering for this stay. So today’s post is dedicated to discovering different ideas to incorporate in your room, so that the fill of colors, shapes and patterns for which, in reality, there are not many rules.

Clear walls will make the rest of textiles and accessories highlighting a lot. From there, you can give your more personal touch, as you like. See if you get inspired with what I tell you below…

Bedroom with bohemian style
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Like I said, the stars of this decorative style are the colors. The bright colors are best left in quilts, cushions and other objects that you can enter in your bedroom, leaving neutral for the walls, for example, and using red, brown, orange, blue, green or purple for the rest.


Do not miss patterned bed linen, with large pictures of flowers or geometric for cushions, pillows, quilt, comforters … And in the decoration of bohemian bedroom linen and textiles generally charge a great importance. Another option is to leave the neutral textiles and place the prints on the walls, like the idea of the photo on the right, for example. How do you like most to you?

Bedroom with bohemian style
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In a bedroom with bohemian style can put large furniture: bed, cabinets … Put also a comfortable dark wood and if you place an upholstered armchair with a nice print in a corner of the room is great. In this style the mixture is allowed, so you can combine furniture from different periods that bring a unique touch to this place.


Accessories are vital in this type of decoration, because even with textiles are already giving a lot of personality to the room with these elements will be providing the finishing touch, the finishing touch to this very special interior. A mirror with a gilded frame is an excellent partner, you can also add some candelabra, carpets, paintings, some metal boxes with aged appearance, books, some plant, some candles, a dream catcher…

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How to light a bohemian bedroom

A bohemian bedroom has a romantic air. To achieve this, you must play with lighting, placing low – intensity bulbs and a candle; you can even cover the lamps with beautiful fabrics.

Bedroom with bohemian style
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Many mix

We have already seen before. In this type of decoration it is allowed mixing both furniture and own printed textiles. You can combine stripes with flowers with geometric patterns and ethnic elements with smooth … And what is nice, do not you think?

The materials

In the bedrooms the wood is always welcome. You can use it on furniture and to design a beautiful headboard. The same wicker, perfect for inclusion in these rooms. For textiles, brocade or velvet will give a lot of personality to the environment, also cotton and wool.


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