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mosaic shower floor
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How do you make a mosaic shower floor?

A mosaic shower floor undoubtedly represents the ideal compromise between elegance and functionality. The bathroom is certainly the most important room in a house: it reflects the personality of the people who live there. Using a mosaic pattern to match the colors of the bathroom or any decorations will certainly give many characters to the environment. Finally, finding the material to make this work is very simple. Nowadays, there are dozens of chains specialized in do-it-yourself. In this guide, step by step, I will give all the useful information on How to make a mosaic shower floor. The procedure takes some time, but with a little effort, you can get a great result.

How do you make a mosaic shower floor?

You will need:

  • Mosaic tiles
  • Rubber trowel
  • Felt trowel
  • Cementitious stucco
  • Cement glue
  • Tile glue
  • Tile cutter

mosaic shower floor

Prepare the shower floor

First of all, you need to think about preparing the shower floor. This preliminary phase is essential for the success of all subsequent operations and consequently to obtain a perfect shower floor. It would be advisable, for the shower floor itself, not to choose too whimsical shapes for the shower, which could create problems when laying and cutting the mosaic. In case you are building the room from the beginning, you have to place the siphon and the drain pipes. Subsequently, the base is made, which must be waterproofed. For all this, you can use the product you prefer, easily available in any DIY store.

Carry out the test installation

After purchasing the material from a DIY store, at this point, it is essential to carry out the test installation in order to check if some tiles need to be cut for an optimal fit. In particular, it is necessary to start from the shower drain placed in a central position in order to calculate in principle the laying of the mosaic for the floor shower and consequently the number of tiles required. Once the number of tiles to be used has been obtained, some of the tiles themselves must be cut to obtain a manual fit. For the cutting phase, a manual tile cutter must be used.

Lay the mosaic shower floor

After having finished the test installation, you can now start laying the mosaic shower floor. First, you need to prepare the cement glue or, alternatively, the tile glue. Both for one or the other type of glue, it is absolutely necessary to follow the procedure described in the instructions (different depending on the product) and then spread it on the shower floor. For this operation, it is advisable to use a notched trowel. During this procedure, great care must be taken to obtain a homogeneous thickness over the entire surface. Once the glue has been spread, the various tiles must be laid with the aid of a rubber trowel, paying attention to the joints between one tile and another: they must be precise since they will now be grouted to avoid any leaks in the future.

Proceed to grout the joints

Now it is necessary to wait the necessary time for the glue to dry completely before proceeding with the next operation, i.e., grouting the joints. For the grouting itself, you must first prepare the cement grout and then use the trowel again to spread it evenly on the tiles, making sure to fill all the joints very well. Once the operation is finished, the excess grout on the tiles must be removed by using a rubber trowel. When using the rubber trowel to remove excess grout, diagonal movements must be made for the application and, at the same time, opposite movements to be able to collect the grout itself.

Provide for cleaning and polishing the shower surface

Once all the excess grout has been removed, it is essential to clean the shower surface using a felt trowel, making circular movements without applying too much pressure. It is a good idea to frequently rinse the tool under running water while working. Once the shower surface has been thoroughly cleaned, it must be polished with a sponge trowel, which will also be rinsed frequently during this procedure. Once the polishing phase is also completed, the mosaic shower floor is, therefore, ready for use, even if you will have to wait at least two days to ensure that it can be water-resistant enough.

If you do not have much experience in preparing the shower surface, it is necessary to contact professional figures for this procedure.


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