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Extending your Home – Some Ideas as an Alternative to Moving House

During the last year or so, the housing market has boomed. People all over seem to be selling up and moving house – but this is something that can be quite stressful (it is known to be up there with life’s more stressful events) so if it is that you need to gain more space in your home but don’t want to move, extending your home could be the much better option for you.

A well-done home extension will not only increase the space in your home but it will also add value to your home too. It is a great idea if you want the extra space for a particular reason as you can then have some control over the layout and indeed the type of extension that you have, ensuring then that you have one that is ideally suited to you and your particular situation.

When it comes to extending your home there are a lot of options that you have, and when it comes to choosing what is right for you, you will need to factor in things like budget, how you want to use the space and when the project needs to be completed by (for example, if you want to add a space for an elderly person to move in quite quickly, or a new baby is on the way, you will have a deadline for this!).

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Here are a few popular choices for adding more space to your home…

A loft conversion – This is a great choice if you want to create more space upstairs such as an extra bedroom or two. There is a lot of versatility with a loft, so you may opt for a large room that is a master bedroom, dressing room and ensuite, or two smaller rooms that may function as a bedroom and a home office for example.

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A Conservatory – A great way to add space to the downstairs of your home is by adding a conservatory. You may not even require planning permission for this (although it is a good idea to check before you begin!) so it can be completed comparatively quickly. A conservatory is a great way to make some extra space downstairs and can be used for a range of things, from a dining room to a kids playroom. There are many attractive conservatory styles available like these Timberpride oak extensions, so have a look around at what you like to get some ideas.

A Two-Level Extension – If you want to add some serious space to your home, this will do the trick! Although it is a bigger and more costly job, it will add a lot of space to your home on two floors, so you will be gaining upstairs space as well as downstairs. This will also give you the opportunity to redesign the layout of your home a bit if you want to and change it so that it works better for you.


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