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3 Ceramic Tile Facts

Ceramic tiles have grown in popularity for a variety of reasons. These tiles are usually made of sand, clay and other natural resources. They are heated until they gain their desired shape, and for the final touch, they may be glazed or not. One reason for their popularity is what seems like the endless ceramic tile patterns that can be found. They range from simple solid-colored squares to intricate mosaics. They can create a fiesta-like environment in your kitchen or a sense of serenity in your bathroom.

Ceramic Tile

Here are three ceramic tile facts that demonstrate why their popularity has grown.


Ceramic tiles are known for their durability. Thanks to the way they are manufactured, it takes a severe blow to crack them. Since they are sealed, the sealant acts a protectant that prevents scratches, scuffs, and stains. These tiles are also water-resistant, so they are kitchen and bathroom-safe. Water that falls on them will sit until it dries or is mopped up. As long as the grout lines are also sealed, you should never see rot or mold begin to form in between the tiles.


Ceramic tiles are popular because they are low-maintenance. Sealed tiles that are also glazed tend to remain resistant to stains. The resistance to stains means that they are simple to keep clean, and that makes chore-time more enjoyable. The lifespan of a ceramic tile is about 20 years. As they begin to reach the end of their life, you may start to notice debris and cracks on the edges become more prominent. It is best to sweep or vacuum the debris to prevent creating more wear and tear. You are also advised to keep to mild soap, water, and non-wire cleaning tools since harsh chemicals and tools may cause unnecessary damage.

Ceramic tiles do not tend to accumulate and hide dust and pollen, so the presence of allergens is less likely. Since dirt that lands on the tiles sit and is highly visible, clean up is effortless.


Ceramic tile manufacturers have figured out how to deliver an attractive and durable product that is less expensive than other flooring options, like hardwood. Coupled with its benefits, it is not a surprise that its popularity has seen a steady rise.

Durability, low-maintenance and affordability, as well as their designs, are reasons why the use of ceramic tiles has grown.


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