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7 mistakes that we all make in the kitchen

Although most do not prove hazardous to health by avoiding these many chores get facilitate and optimize the time when cooking.

How do you consider are your habits of cleanliness and order in the kitchen? Probably you say you are very good and everything is as healthy as it could.

What if we told you that there are mistakes we all make in the kitchen all the time?

The truth is that not because something has always done in a way that’s okay. Sometimes methods are more scientific traditions and mistakes can be daily. Among those we found we are…

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Do not keep fresh herbs

We all enjoyed a well-seasoned dish and this sometimes involves the use of some herbs like cilantro, basil, mint or parsley. Most of the time, to buy them, put them in plastic bags or containers.

This is fine for transport without harming them but, once you get home, take them out is important and put them in a cool place. If at all possible, a container or glass of water is ideal.

In this way you avoid that “burn” or wilting prematurely.

It is important to keep these plants away from extreme temperatures. To put them near the stove or in the refrigerator life is lower.

This is one of the errors we all make in the kitchen and that can cause some delicate flavors in the food and make us spend more money on herbs that a few days left to serve.

The best alternative to keep these fresh herbs is directly buy a small pot and plant some seeds. It will be enough with a small space in the garden.

Save canned foods open

Canned foods offer a number of benefits. It lasts longer and allows you to use products that are not specific to a certain season. Despite this, keep in mind that once opened the can must draw all its contents.

The cans are typically aluminum or steel, oxidation resistant provided that air does not enter. When we opened the can, oxidation begins and within hours can be mixed waste steel or aluminum with food.

If using a certain food you do not finish, remember to empty it in a container and store in the refrigerator or freezer. The best containers to store these remains are plastic and metal.

This is one of the most commit errors because we believe it is logical to maintain what we have not consumed in the same container coming.

Peel bananas in the wrong way

Well, this is not a mistake that will cause a major health problem. It’s just a bad habit we have adopted. Most of us peel the banana up and down when the right way is to start from below.

It may seem irrelevant, but this way is easier to manipulate this fruit.

Rend foil

Are you one of the people who take the tube foil and tear as they can to cut a piece? Have you noticed that at the end of the paper case there is something sharp edge, usually in the form of zigzag?

This is one of the mistakes we all make in the kitchen. The right thing would be to take the measure that we use paper and place it on the cutting edge of the box. This way you only need a little tug and have a precise and fast cutting.

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When peeling potatoes

Surely you also happen to you. When you try to peel potatoes always end up taking you a good amount of pulp with peel. This is one of the mistakes we all make in the kitchen but has an easy solution.

The next time you want to peel potatoes, do the following:

  • Wash potatoes as usual.
  • With a knife draw a line along the circumference of the pope.
  • Boil the potatoes.
  • When they are cooked, remove from heat and place them directly on cold running water or in a recipient with ice water.
  • Remove the skin with your fingers.

This is a fairly simple procedure because the skin peels off effortlessly. If you realize, you’re only changing a few steps and order can save much time … and lots of potatoes.

When cleaning the microwave?

You probably think it’s better to go to the dentist to clean your microwave oven.

Facilitates this task by placing a sponge soaked in the oven, put about a minute running and pulls out the sponge carefully.

This water will have evaporated and the residues have softened. With this we only need clean as ever. You’ll see how fast you remove all dirt and debris.

Serve food on cold plates

You’re trying to prepare your dishes in the best way possible and to keep them at the right temperature, right? But when you serve as the entire temperature is lost.

Surely you not understand why it’s wrong and why not in restaurants. The last of the mistakes we all make in the kitchen is related to the temperature of the plate.

Is in good restaurants the food on a plate with temperature according serves? So that, if the dish is cold, the dish too. If the food is hot, the dish gets a few seconds in the microwave to maintain the temperature of food.

In conclusion, we do things as we have seen that do not mean they are always right. And you, what usually commit mistakes? What other tricks recommend?


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