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Save space in bathroom
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19 tips to help you save space in your bathroom

If we want to win space in the bathroom and make it more functional we can take advantage of dead spaces and store shelves to place towels or other items commonly used.

Most houses have small bathrooms because in their preferred design give more space to the rooms and lounges. Although usually a small place, almost always we try to make it cozier with some accessories and decorative elements.

The problem is that not always know distribute their capacity and we end up with a mess of bottles, cosmetics, paper and other commonly used items we use there.

What many do not imagine is that there are great ideas to make every corner of the bathroom in order to keep everything in place. As we know that some do not yet know, in this space we have compiled the 19 most interesting for you to stop complicate.

Save space in bathroom
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Do you dare to try at home?

1) Recycle PVC pipes: Yes, you read right. Cuts PVC pipe can be transformed into a practical support to put your brushes, hair dryers and other accessories like that you usually keep clutter.

2) Acquires narrow furniture: Corner backs wall or furniture are excellent choices to take advantage of the corners of the bathroom. These can be stored towels, paper and a wide variety of products.

3) Paste baskets on the wall: If you have any basket no use, secure it on the wall and use it to put your creams, lotions, brushes and all objects that you can think of.

4) Set a rack: The wooden shelves give a very elegant touch to the walls and allow accommodate all cosmetics in their respective order.

5) Shelf inner: The cabinet doors are a perfect place to set a rack and store inside the hair dryer.

6) A towel rack shelf: How about a place to put your towels and cosmetics? Well, a heated towel as the one shown in the picture is a great option to have a two in one.

7) Bath with hidden storage: If you are designing your bathroom or plan to remodel, looking for hidden storage tub to have an “extra” to save multiple objects.

8) Storage Tiering: A former support for cakes or the union of several dishes can give us as a result a shelf levels to put products and towels.

9) Organizer with glass jars: Like the idea of reusing? Well, we suggest you gather several jars of glass to make this interesting organizer for the bathroom.

10) Use magnetic strips: So that never again will lose your hair clips and other small metal objects, fixed a magnetic strip on one of the lockers and use it to put these elements.

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11) Shelves on the cup: A nice shelf on the remaining space above the toilet will serve to put cleaning products, towels, sponges and many other objects.

12) Tongs to place your products: If inside the accounts not shower with a shelf to put your toiletries, acquires tongs with hanging and use them to support them.

13) Hooks in the mirror: In the market you can buy some hooks with adhesive that can put in your bathroom mirror to hang brushes, combs and accessories.

14) Shelves hanging doors: Put hanging shelves in the cabinet doors to store cleaning products, sponges, clamps and all that prevents the stay remain orderly.

15) Magnetic board: This idea will fascinate you. If you get a magnetic board and you put a magnet to your makeup you can always have it in sight and ready for use.

16) Rolled towels: Instead of folding towels, you turn them into a roll and put them on a basket or shelf. Will allow you to gain more space and give it a more welcoming atmosphere.

17) Cupboard under the mirror: The space under the sink and the bathroom mirror is perfect to put a cupboard or table with divisions. In this you can store dozens of things you need all the time in this place.

18) Hangers on the door: With several hangers in the bathroom door have a perfect place to arrange it towels and other room items.

19) Drawers wall: Goodies wall spaces can be used to embed multi drawers.

Do you have more ideas to make the bathroom a cozy place? Share them with us and do not hesitate to implement the quote here. Visit for more tips.


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