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6 Factors to Consider When Purchasing Artificial Grass


There are several considerations to make when purchasing artificial grass. With the numerous options available, it cannot be easy to make a decision. Six factors must be considered to ensure you receive what you want from your artificial lawn.

Expertise of Artificial Grass Supplier

The supplier should have expertise in manufacturing and supplying excellent quality artificial grass products. If the supplier is new, they lack the knowledge and experience required to produce high-quality products. In the case of experienced suppliers, it can easily be judged that you will get satisfactory products as they have been dealing with several customers successfully for years.

Artificial Grass Material Used

To ensure that you are getting impeccable artificial grass for your house, firstly, check what material has been used in the product that will be delivered to your doorstep. There are various kinds of artificial grass and materials, such as Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Olefin, Nylon, etc. You can select the material as per your choice.

Artificial Grass Thickness

Before purchasing any artificial grass for your home, diligently check what thickness has been used to make this product. This will be able to help you know the quality of grass you are going to purchase. There are different kinds of artificial grasses available in the market. Other companies use different types of artificial grasses based on their budget too. You can choose between these options accordingly. Choose an option that gives you maximum returns and the minimum investment required. The thicker the grass, the higher its cost will be.

Artificial Grass Length

When purchasing artificial grass for your house, check what length has been used to make this product. It is an important factor that can help you with knowledge about the quality of your purchase. The average sizes available on the market range from 30 to 36 inches and above. Mostly, artificial grasses with 30–36-inch lengths are used in homes, but you can buy a high-quality 63″ or even longer lawn, depending upon your area and budget too. It would help if you considered such options according to your requirements and financial ability, because no set rule regarding price and sizes exists.

Artificial Grass Weight

When looking for this type of grass, for example, artificial grass Austin-located, it is vital also to look at the weight of the grass. There are many kinds of artificial grass available on the market that differ in weight, denseness, and thickness. It would be best to consider these factors while purchasing a new artificial lawn for your house or garden area. The higher the density and weight of the grass, the higher its cost will be, though it can last longer without requiring any maintenance. This varies on a case-to-case basis.

6) Artificial Grass Warranty

The offer of a warranty by the company manufacturing artificial grass products for your home is another big factor you need to keep in mind before placing an order. The false claims made on the website regarding “lifetime warranty” do not always remain true when it comes to practicality. So, make sure that the warranty promised by the company you choose to buy from will be 100% genuine. The companies offering a warranty of up to 30 years are extremely good in quality; thus, they should be your first choice while purchasing artificial grass for your home.

It is important to consider the factors mentioned above to get a high-quality artificial turf. Although they are not required for every installation, they may increase the quality of your grass and lead to a more successful project.


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