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The joys of owning an E-Type Jaguar

Of all the classic British cars that can be owned, the Jaguar E-Type is by far one of the best and most popular. Reputed to have been called the most beautiful car in the world, by Enzo Ferrari no less, the original concept was to create an affordable sports car that the working person could own. This was not totally the case as the cost of the production meant that they were still a bit more pricey than the average motor. The modern cost of an E-type now is generally way beyond the average wage earner, which is why if you own one, you need to have decent protection around it.  This Garage Door Repairs Luton based outfit, are on hand to give you the best options for your garage to make sure it is secure.

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The first big draw to the person looking to buy a sports car was that the E type was actually based on an actual one. Jaguar had had enormous success with its D-Type racing car in competition, and the designers saw no reason to change this. The E-Types’ shape and aerodynamics would be modelled on the success of the racing version.

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It also featured a considerable amount of technological advances that had been tested in the Racing circuit first. This trend to use Formula racing cars and Le Man’s performance cars as a test track for later domestic use was becoming an established method by most major car manufacturers and still is. Firstly, the car was incredibly fast. It had a top speed of 150 miles per hour, which could have easily outrun anything the police owned at the time.

Secondly, it was to use disc brakes on the front. Discs were better than drum brakes. They were more responsive and gave a strong stopping power. It was deemed necessary to do this, given the speed that the cars could reach. It also had front and rear suspension that was independent of each other. This gave the car greater control and speed around bends and also made for a smoother ride, unlike the usually rough and overly firm progress of normal sports cars. Finally, the vehicle weighed well below the usual weight associated with the motor vehicle of the time. Its frame was not as heavy, and the placement of the engine was able to ensure that the usual supports were not needed.


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