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Transforming a Brownfield Site into a New Home

Land in the UK for building on can be hard to come by, especially in some parts of the country. Of course, this is understandable as many green areas are protected and we need to ensure that the wildlife here has somewhere to live.

One of the solutions to this problem is to build on brownfield land. Sites like this are places that have once been used for industrial reasons – perhaps in manufacturing, or as an oil or gas facility, or even a power station. Although of course these places come with their own set of challenges to be overcome when choosing them as a building plot they offer a great opportunity to develop the land and use it for something useful, whilst keeping the countryside exactly as that – countryside!

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Something that can often be found in brownfield sites are contaminants in the soil. This is from the effects of the previous use of the land and can be anything from dangerous chemicals to asbestos. These contaminants pose a danger to people developing the site and working there as long as to the people who will be living there once the homes are built. However, it is possible to get rid of this risk and make the soil safe once again.

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This is something that should only be done by a professional company like these remediation contractors as they have the skills and expertise to do the work safely.


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