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Home decor items you can crochet

Crochet home decor items have been popular for many years and there has been an increase in their popularity once again. These can include blankets and other soft furnishings as well as edgings for items such as material tablecloths and curtains. You can also crochet reusable makeup pads to help protect both your skin and the planet. If you are unsure what items to start creating first or you are struggling for pattern inspiration you could get Crochet Kits like the ones from to help get your started.

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Here are some of the most popular items to make for your home.

Blankets and throws – depending on what kind of blanket or throw you are looking to make there are a number of yarns and patterns that you can follow. Granny square blankets have always been very popular and they are one of the easier patterns to master. It is important to remember that the thickness of the wool that you choose will determine how thick and warm your blanket or throw ends up being.

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Tablecloths – if you like to have a decorative tablecloth on your table, you could look at crocheting one for yourself. In order to do this you will need to use a yarn that is not traditional or acrylic wool based. There are lots of options that you could choose from including bamboo or cotton yarns. These tablecloths are not only decorative but can also help protect your table surface from hot plates and bowls.

Pillow cases – crochet pillow cases used to be incredibly popular. They can be found in a number of different designs from those that are similar to Granny square blankets, through to those with more intricate designs. The pattern that you choose will of course depend on your own style preferences and your crocheting ability.

Makeup removing pads – we throw away a staggering amount of makeup removal pads each year and it is often better for the environment and for your skin, if you make your own crochet pads. You can use a cotton or bamboo yarn or a blend that will help to provide a soft but durable make removal pad for you to use over and over again. Simply pop them in the wash once you have used them, wait for them to dry and use them all over again.


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