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Month: July 2023

Making a kitchen accessible

Kitchens need to be a place where anyone with any physical or learning disability can still be able to demonstrate their skills and cooking.  Working towards this space being accessible can be a challenge as the kitchen is a busy…

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Wool Jumpers

We all love our wool jumpers but are often concerned about how to care for them. Here are some top tips from how to prevent bobbling to keeping moths away – plus a few hacks for getting your garments in…

Taking Care of your Vinyl Flooring

Many people are now opting for vinyl flooring in their home – although vinyl flooring might conjure up images of shiny looking floors, worn with scuffs, scratches and tears, the modern vinyl flooring is very different.

Do Texas Cockroaches Bite?

If you’ve ever encountered a cockroach scurrying across your kitchen floor or hiding in the dark corners of your home, you might wonder if these pests pose a threat to you and your family. In particular, if you live in…

The Importance of House Leveling – Why it’s Essential for Structural Integrity

All homes will settle over time. It’s a normal part of home ownership, but extreme settlement can cause damage that devalues your house and makes it unsafe.