What at first glance may seem a horrible summer to spend the holidays at home with heat and everyone giving you envy those pictures on pristine beaches through social networks can become this summer you will never forget at well you’ve spent, how well you’ve taken advantage of, and eurillos that will stay in your pocket. Do you want to know some plan to spend this vacation?

1. The first and most important: have “holiday spirit.” That is the spirit that will be fantastic. Surely you will have to make clear to someone you are spending a few days off. You may have to leave the phone off and turn away from those commitments that you do not want to wait for it. You need a little space for you.

Image Source: Google image
Image Source: Google image

2. Plan a field trip. At countryside or the beach and prepares a lovely picnic basket. Detail: crystal glasses, rich and presented food … like a party. This will make the day that much more special and with a twist.

3. Find shows and outdoor activities. It is a good time to discover your city programming, this is a week and never leave, and take advantage of the summer evenings.

4. Look at your city as a tourist. Do not you ever happen that a friend knew your city was better than yourself? Do not let this situation be repeated and discover charming corners of your town!

5. Take a course. In Japanese cuisine, ballroom dancing, laughter therapy, photography, paddle … Dust off those projects that you had parked and give yourself a little moment of happiness.

6. Enjoy doing some extraordinary spending. Since you have not gone, a little can … Shopping, eating at your favorite restaurant, dinner by candlelight …

8. Home theater. With which it is falling, if you have air conditioning and a good TV, it would not be the bad plan to stay home one day doing sofaning while watching or backward for the fifth time one of your favorite movies or series.

9. Organize a camping trip. If you have a garden, right there, but … in the living room! Children will enjoy as if they were on the other side of the world.

10. Learn something new. With the longer days and holidays, you can take a little while to do all that we did not have time during the winter. How about if you portray?

11. Have a spa day. Search some bath salts and prepares a nice bubble bath. Relax.

12. Sleep in another room. Try sleeping in another room in your home to feel like a hotel. You can sleep in the guest room or in the lounge.

A vacation without leaving home are no less holiday if you were to do spiritual exercises, Tibet. It all depends on how you organize and your desire to have fun and use this time. Enjoy them! :)

By Henry

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