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Tips for Setting Up a Simple Home Study Room and Small Office

Working or studying from home is definitely easier than having to commute every day or move closer to the university. There are plenty of distance learning programs from top names such as The University of Arizona these days, allowing you to pursue anything from a bachelor of science to a master of public health degree from the comfort of your home.

More companies are allowing employees to work remotely, too, plus you can run your business in utmost comfort from home. What you need is a suitable study room or home office to support these activities. Here are the tips to help you set up your own office in no time.

Light and White

There are two things that work really well in creating a comfortable ambience for working or studying, and they are light and the color white. There may be limitations to deal with, but try to position your home office or study room somewhere where you can get a lot of natural light during the day.

Large windows work really well. Adding a pair of large windows to one side of the room and allowing plenty of natural light to enter the space will help create a warm and bright ambience that will help you stay creative and focused.

Pair the natural light with white or light-colored walls, and you have the perfect combination to base the rest of the room on. White works really well with all colors, which means you can add one or two more colors to the room without breaking the harmony or making the room look cluttered.

Exposed Shelves and More Storage

There is one particular combination that works for home offices and study rooms: open shelves and concealed storage. Open shelves should be placed above the waistline, creating patterns and adding flare to the room without making it look cluttered. For lower parts of the walls, however, stick to clean lines and concealed storage.

You can use the height of your desk as a guide to determine where the two elements meet. By maintaining a consistent look across the room, you will be able to store everything you need – from course materials and books for your MPH online degree to office documents and reports – and still have plenty of space for decorative items.

Keep It Simple

You may be tempted to add decorative elements to the room. Some figures, a painting or even a set of Hot Wheels or toys may seem like a good idea at first. Spend enough time in the home office, however, and these decorative items will soon make the room feel cluttered or even boring. Keeping the room simple and clean is always the best way to go.

When you add collectibles or similar items to a study room, be sure to organize them in shelves neatly. You can even have a custom set of shelves installed for your valuable collections. This, and the previous tips we talked about earlier, will help you set up a simple study room or home office.

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