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Tips for decorating the house as a couple

Do you live in a couple or are you thinking about living together? In any case, the ideas that we propose in our article today will be very useful to make coexistence much easier.

And sharing a home is not always easy. At we know this and that is why we have prepared this article. Tips to decorate the house as a couple and not die trying. Because love does not understand styles.

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Plan and you will conquer

For some people, coexistence is easier than for others. If you like the decoration, you are organized and you worry about furnishing the house with affection, in this article you will find the keys to decorate the house with your partner.

Moving is always stressful. That’s why we recommend you take things slowly and reserve several days for this task. So the stress that can cause the move will be easier to assume. And do not hesitate to ask your friends for help or hire an expert mover.

Eclectic decor

You are already settled in your nest of love, and now what? Agreeing to choose the furniture and accessories is usually an easy task. It is not necessary to get to the extreme of having to resort to a therapist, rather than an interior designer.

Our advice is to opt for an eclectic decoration that reveals the tastes of each one. In other words, that you decorate the spaces so that the house reflects your personality. So, you’ll both feel at home at home. Although, of course, to get it you have to give a little.

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A common nexus

It is about finding a certain balance, integrating the preferred pieces of each within the rooms of home. But always looking for a common bond: modern design, modern inspiration, Scandinavian functionality, vintage interiors, ethnic decor …

In this sense, our advice is that you choose basic, timeless and neutral furniture that serves as a base. In this way, you can put the touch of style through the accessories. The advantage of choosing simple and minimalist mibble is that they are not out of fashion and are very easy to combine. Whether it’s furniture of sober Nordic lines or a contemporary design and minimalist air.

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A special space for each

It is also interesting that you distribute the rooms taking into account the preferences and interests of each one. A romantic reading corner, a creative work area, a bohemian exterior … What room or ambience of the house do you want to make more of yours? In what space do you know that you will spend more time than your partner? In this case, it may be interesting to make a distribution of the different rooms so that each one of you has its own shelter, intimate and personal.

decorating the house

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SOS! I need an interior designer!

If, in spite of everything, you do not agree, nothing better than a mediator. Look for the help of an interior designer and decorator to help you take advantage of your home and help you decorate each room taking into account the possibilities it offers.

An expert in decoration will help you combine your ideas so that the house is a reflection of you, your character and personality. In this way, there will be no misunderstandings and both will enjoy your home, since all the rooms will have a bit of each.

A useful tip before furnishing and decorating your home is to do a thorough cleaning to get rid of everything that is not really worth conserving. Think of it this way: new house, new life. It is a new stage, so many furniture and accessories may have no place in it. Or, at least, in the long run. And is that decorating a house as a couple is a future project, which we should not take lightly.

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