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Things to consider before a renovation project

If you’re planning a home renovation soon then aside from drawing up exciting plans and drawings, you’ll need to consider the logistics and other important stuff too. Here is a quick guide to help you focus on those vital first steps before starting work:


As much as we all wish funds would magically appear, sadly they often do not. If you want to stay relaxed and enjoy your project, don’t get carried away and overspend. It’s important to calculate a reasonable budget before you commit and remember to factor in some leverage for those inevitable unexpected costs that always crop up. Do a lot of window shopping and cost comparisons between contractors and material suppliers. If you need to borrow money, then that’s just life but a renovation is much more satisfying if you’ve saved up the funds ahead of time.


Normally the right contractor for you will be someone who’s recommended via word of mouth. Perhaps someone you know has a renovation you have seen and love, so ask them who they used for the work. If you need to search the internet, be sure to get several different quotes before signing any paperwork and always seek reviews from previous clients.


Be realistic when it comes to what you can achieve within your budget, existing property and time levels. If you desire something grander than you can afford, why not consider completing a project or renovation in manageable stages instead. Why not start with a beautiful bespoke Oak Porch from http://www.bespoaktimberframes.co.uk/portfolio_page/oak-porch/ ?

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Know what to expect

If you’ve done similar projects before or have friends who have been through a renovation, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. There’ll be highs and lows, good days and bad. Do plenty of research and have lots of ideas so you can be flexible if plan A doesn’t work out. A designer can always help if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the decisions and not sure which way to go with your plans.

Avoid Trends

Think of your renovation as an investment in the future and not a fad for today. Trends can be included by clever accessorizing, but renovating is about high-quality and classic style that will last. Quality finishes and classic design is worth the investment for a project that won’t date quickly and need regular updating.

Visit Daily

Don’t be tempted to leave the contractors to it and visit the site maybe once a week. You’ll want to check in every day. Mistakes do happen, and you’ll want to be hands-on to oversee what can be done to rectify things as they happen. Don’t be tempted to go on holiday while the works completed in your absence.


It’s doesn’t have to be stressful and all hard work. Seeing a space transformed is exciting and incredibly satisfying, especially with excellent craftsmanship and good design. Enjoy your project and imagine how wonderful it will be when all is completed, and you can relax in your new space.

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