Now that the DIY shows are all the rage, it is pretty tempting to try some jobs around the house yourself. If you are experienced, handy or lucky, it may work out ok. However, unless you have a Maine contractor license, it is best to leave some jobs to the professionals. Here are some of the top times you should hire a contractor.

Demo a Wall

How many times have you heard, “We can just blow out this wall to make your room seem bigger.”? Well, folks, it isn’t always that easy. Most of us mere mortals don’t know when a wall is supporting the roof or upper level. Demolition on a wall is not something you should risk on your own unless you want to hire someone to reconstruct your house when the roof caves in.

Build or Update a Bathroom

Have you ever tried to remove or replace tile? Are you a plumber? If you answered no to either or both questions, back away from the room slowly and put the sledgehammer down. Find a licensed contractor experienced in bathroom renovations before your spouse finds out you were planning to tackle it yourself. You are welcome.

Create Your Dream Kitchen

So many possibilities, and so many ways your vision can go horribly wrong. From gas to electricity to plumbing, you would have to have a whole lot of renovation experience to make this work as a DIY project. It is best to let a contractor decide what expertise is needed and when. How sad would it be to see your beautiful new Carerra marble countertop lay in pieces on the ground because you thought that you could handle it with the help of your neighbor?

Make Structural Changes

A disaster by any other name would be just as awful. Don’t even consider this. There are probably permits involved, aside from the safety considerations. There is a reason contractors must be licensed. Let them show you why before you risk the life of you or your family.

By Henry

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