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The Airbnb houses that rent the famous

Have you ever wondered where the celebrities are from? We have done it and now, thanks to the Airbnb portal, we have discovered where the celebrities are hiding when they want to escape the indiscreet glances.

And is that Airbnb has customers of all kinds, even famous show that do not hesitate to consult the portal to rent a home. We are introducing the fabulous houses that rent Airbnb famous. What a treat?

Airbnb houses

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The house of Justin Bieber and Beyoncé in California

Its flamboyant contemporary design is the perfect example of modernity and without renouncing warmth and luxury. This is the home you have rented both Justin Bieber and Beyoncé: Contemporary Masterpiece.

Located in Los Altos Hills, California, this impressive home costs a whopping figure of 10000 dollars only one night. The house has 5 bedrooms suite type and around 8 bathrooms.

Thanks to its splendid location, this amazing home offers a view of the heart of California. But that’s not all, as the house has an infinity pool, fitness center, spa and a bonfire on the outside that makes the evening magically amazing.

Airbnb houses

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Emma Stone’s house in Hawaii

In the capital of Hawaii, Honolulu, found another of the most desirable homes of Airbnb website: Diamond Head Villa. In addition to its spectacular design and all the amenities it offers, this house is famous because it was rented by fashion actress Emma Stone. Spend the night here costs about 3800 dollars. A whim. Although the house certainly deserves it.

Equipped with 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, this house accommodates more than 10 guests. It emphasizes its relaxed design with nuances of classic style and very natural details, such as the noble wood and the welcoming earth tones.

A curious detail of its architecture is that the house is divided into 3 buildings, so that the main house is located around a garden with pool and other environments that offer us breathtaking views of the sea of Hawaii.

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Airbnb houses

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Mariah Carey’s house in Italy

It seems that the singer Mariah Carey has a predilection for the classic, since the house she rented through Airbnb is an example of architecture and period design. This is Villa Napoleon and is located in Lombardy, Italy.

Its classic and sumptuous interior reminiscent of the great palaces of European royalty. So, as you can imagine, sleeping here is not within the reach of any tourist. The singer paid 11000 dollars per night.

Classic vases (called Medicis), sumptuous red carpet, huge velvet curtains, chandelier lamps and many other details decorate the interiors with that palatial touch.

The house (although rather looks like a palace) has 8 large bedrooms and all have their own bathroom. In total, housing can accommodate about 16 guests will have the chance to feel like a king in his chamber.

This house does not lack even the smallest detail to transport us to other times. Paintings and works of art (we suppose of great value), sculptures and busts, a classical piano and many other surprises.

Airbnb houses

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The house of Selena Gómez in Malibu

Eclectic, youthful and modern, the house that Selena Gomez rented reveals her personality perfectly. It is M Beach and is, by far, the simplest house of all. Located in Malibu, California, housing costs about 4000 dollars per night.

However, despite being the most discreet of all, this house does not lack any detail to be cozy and be classified as luxurious. The property has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and incredible views of the beach.

Its decoration has a modern and youthful point. Although the main attraction of this house is that it has its own private beach which can be accessed from a charming porch contemporary style.

If the lottery touched you, which of these houses would you choose to spend a good vacation?

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