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Sun and color in this Los Angeles house

Across the pond and traveled to Los Angeles a district of this city known for its beaches and waterways and also for their residential areas. We enter one of these homes thanks to photographs taken by Amy Bartlam for digital magazine Lonny, in which we discover a house full of light in which the sensibility mixes with a true Californian environment. Would you accompany us on this tour?

Los Angeles house

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A house with lots of natural light

This home is located next to Venice Beach and very close to the Abbot Kinney stores in Los Angeles (California). One of its main features are its large windows, from floor to ceiling which makes the house is flooded with sunlight of California. In addition, almost all rooms are small touches of color; they print a cheerful air to the house.

The kitchen

The kitchen was one of the biggest struggles designers of this house, Kim Gordon, but after adding some unexpected touches like the spectacular chandelier presiding majestic ceiling or small decorative details that add personality and color to stay, Achieved the desired goal from the beginning. Also note the floor tiles and the mirror shelf that amplifies the natural light in this room. The kitchen is open and connected to the living room.

 Los Angeles house

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The room

In the living room we see a spectacular blue velvet sofa and armchairs in coral tone, all arranged around the fireplace. This space is completed with a large table with chairs and a corner decorated with a wicker chair and a bicycle, something that gives a very warm touch to the stay.

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The library, the axis of the house

We might think that this room is the space preferred by the family meeting, but as we read in the statements made to the magazine Lonny, they consider the library with the center of this Californian housing. Not for less. The marriage spends many nights immersed in the books in this space, or enjoying a pleasant conversation around a glass of wine. In this place also we see some spectacular windows that go from the floor to the ceiling. It is surprising that none of the windows in the house have blinds or curtains.

 Los Angeles house

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Books, music and art

In this reading room are also books, a large collection of records, artwork and photos of family. The library opens onto a cozy patio where the family meets frequently. In fact, on weekends they open the doors, put music and make their living abroad, as if an extension of the library itself. It is also a meeting place with friends.

The second plant

A beautiful staircase leads from the kitchen area, living room and library to the rooms. In the master bedroom, we see blue colors that create a serene and peaceful atmosphere. The rooms of the children are comfortable, cheerful and elegant.



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