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Scandinavian style house with bohemian touches and Biarritz

On the outskirts of Biarritz we found this beautiful house of 150 square meters which was acquired in ruins by Constance Dorian and that after eight years of work, managed to turn the home of their dreams, set between the sea and the city. Of Scandinavian style with bohemian touches, this is a charming place where white is the predominant color, to which are added furniture natural fibers and wood and details in pastel colors to make it a cozy home. We started the tour to know everything that hides each of its corners, would you like to join us?

Renovation work

The house was built in 1940 and was in very bad condition when it was purchased by its current owners. Renovation work has been wonderful, because they have managed to give you an incredible sense of walls that were lifeless.

Scandinavian style house

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The colors chosen

Like I said, the base of the decor is white, used for walls, ceilings and floors, which give plenty of light and a feeling of purity. The furniture comes in natural fibers like wicker and is widely used the wood; It is what provides the warmth typical Scandinavian style. What decorative details play with pastel colors and skins and textiles linen and lace are introduced, all with a bohemian touch that complements perfectly with the overall Nordic air.

The kitchen

Without so many interesting exhibits, with its white walls and ceilings, maybe this kitchen could be unattractive. Nothing could be further from the truth. These objects give it a unique personality and very air, which contributes the use of old tiles on the floor, which gives the room a very interesting visual appearance. Wonderful bulb hanging wooden beads, retro style refrigerator door and slate.

Scandinavian style house

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The lounge

The living room and kitchen are attached; the use of different soils and the island serve as visual separation of space. Note that the beams have been left in sight and painted white, which gives this place a very special appearance, with high ceilings. In the room dedicated to rest predominate nice and warm textiles for a very cozy decor. You cannot miss the surfboard to enjoy the waves of Biarritz.

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The bedroom

In the master bedroom predominantly bohemian decor by using ceiling lamp, bedspread crochet and cotton mat woven by hand.

Scandinavian style house

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Children’s rooms

The children’s rooms are a true chulada. They are raised wooden beds with storage in the bottom, another on a slatted wooden lamp, wicker, jute carpets round, an Indian tepee and wooden decor and pastel most special. A preciousness!

The bathroom

How could it be otherwise, the bathroom includes countless decorative details also in wood and wicker, with white as the protagonist?

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