You would like to make your rental home your own personal space but are unsure of what you can do. There are a few improvements that you can make that can keep your lease intact yet still allow you to add your own touches. Here are some to consider.

Add a Splash Of Color

After you consult your property management oxnard, choose a new paint color to add to your walls. Keep the shade somewhat subtle. You will have to cover it again if you move out. Purchase a thrown rug or two to throw over flooring that may be less that appealing to you. Hang photos and pictures on the walls to personalize the home as well. Be sure to use hooks that will keep the surface intact or seal over the hole with plaster when you take it down.

Change the Lighting

Research fixtures that will coordinate with the lights that you have in the house and see if you can find ones that work with your tastes. Be careful when you switch them out so that you keep the original set intact. You will have to reinstall them when you move. You can also change out the switch plates and outlet covers as well. Pick ones that match the tone of the room or accent the furnishings with it.

Add Space

If you are able to remove doors from cabinets that seem worn, you can do so to give your home a unique look. Add storage to countertops that have little room on them or add a bookshelf or cabinet to your kitchen. Purchase baskets to hold towels, washcloths, and other bathroom items if more space is needed in yours.

You can set it next to the sink or tub so it is decorative and versatile at the same time.

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