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Projector Stand or Mount: Which is Better?

Projectors are used for various purposes. When buying a projector, apart from considering the brand or model, you also need to think about where to position it in order to fully maximise its function. Projector stands and mounts are ideal structures used to conveniently position your projector. Choosing between a stand or a mount depends on whether you want to permanently or temporarily install a projector in a room.

How do you want to use your projector?

By understanding how you use your projector, you can understand which product suits you best. You can start by deciding where you want to install it. Also, you will need to know how often and how long you need to use the projector. Mounts are better if you want to permanently attach a projector, while stands work best if you only want to use a projector from time to time.

Where do you need to install the projector?

You will also need to check the limitations of the room. Some spaces do not permit the use of a projector mount because of the weak ceiling structure. If the ceiling cannot support the mount, do not attempt using one because the projector might fall and cause an accident. In other instances, some rooms are too small for a projector stand. Aside from the size limitation of a room, you will also need to see if the mount or stand can safely position the projector without blocking the way or the audience’s view.

Projector mounts

If you want to install a projector in a room permanently, it is highly recommended to choose a projector mount. Mounts work best for rooms with higher ceilings. When you choose a projector mount, you need to carefully consider the weight and size of the projector. Unlike projector stands, it will take a lot of time and effort to correctly install a mount. In addition, it will be difficult to upgrade the projector because it is permanently installed on the mount.

Projector stands

Compared to projector mounts, stands offer more flexibility because you can place them wherever you want. You may also opt to transfer it from one room to another. It’s the perfect product to use if you want to share a projector with other users. Stands often come with wheels for easy transport. However, using projector stands also has drawbacks. For example, you will need to constantly adjust the projector every time you use it. It also creates potential risks, such as tripping, because of the exposed cables.

There are online sites like www.unicol.com where you can find good-quality projector mounts and stands. Make sure that the product you purchase can accommodate the projector you have.

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