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Professional Office Design Tips

With employee motivation critical to a successful business, it’s more important than ever before to ensure your staff feel comfortable, empowered and motivated in the office environment. While most businesses tend to focus on employee satisfaction through incentives, they could be missing out on opportunities to make positive change to morale through effective working environments.

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The following tips come from designers creating the best environments to maximise employee output…

Create Light and Space

Bright, roomy environments create a sense of calm, and reduce stress. Wherever possible, design office areas with natural light and reduce crowding from furniture layouts or equipment.

Create Community Areas

Staff respond well to having designated areas for break-out sessions, promoting effective communication and comfortable meeting areas. Create light, airy break-out rooms and spaces to provide opportunities for team building and meetings.  This will involve things like a table football area or pool table, a selection of Reception Chairs from links including a www.bestbuy-officechairs.co.uk/reception-chairs/.

Maintain Temperatures

Employees who are too cold or too hot will find themselves more susceptible to demotivation and stress. Aid concentration through maintaining a consistent temperature in the office, through effective air conditioning and ventilation.

Brand the Workplace

Using company colours and strong branding across the office fosters a sense of focus, increases employee engagement in their contribution to the firm’s goals, and helps to promote a strong company ethos.

Invest in Furnishings

Having comfortable, safe and durable office furniture is a key element of designing a space that makes employees feel engaged, motivated and able to focus on their roles.

Choosing the right style of furniture can optimise smaller spaces, making the area more conducive to concentration and comfort.

Budget furniture can cause health issues for staff, and present safety risks in the office. While it may be tempting to cut costs through cheap seats, desks and storage, over time this becomes a false economy.

Bill George from Forbes has reported that more employees are feeling demotivated at work, and creating a more positive environment is key to engaging the workforce. Similarly, The New York Times report that the office environment can have a negative impact upon motivation if staff are not comfortable in their place of work.

Purchase high-quality furniture to keep employees comfortable and safe, and they will feel more valued and less likely to be absent due to aching muscles, back issues or other physical complaints.

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