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Metallics can be used in Your Home

Interior design using metallics has evolved and become more daring. It is considered de rigueur to mix different metal tones in one room. Don’t stick to gold tones (including bronze, brass and rose gold) in the drawing room and silver tones (including nickel and steel) in the dining room. You can mix and match and draw on their individual qualities. Using them in this way draws attention to the beauty of the materials; after all, they are not just neutrals.

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Think Creatively

Décor with metallics is not just confined to the actual metals. There are metallic tones in many other materials. Curtains and soft furnishings can come in beautiful gold tones. The range of paint colours available nowadays is stunning.

Vintage Furniture can be inlaid with gold or silver detail. Grey fabrics can be acquired in almost silver tones. A silver-grey sofa would look stunning with an array of gold and bronze toned cushions scattered over.

For more information about the history of interior design and the use of gold, silver and enamels, have a look at some of the collections and information available about exhibitions at the Victoria and Albert museum.  When it comes to the interior of your home it is very important so why not get a Property inspection app from sites like propertyinspect.com which will help you keep track of all the work that needs doing and when it needs to get done by.

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Build on Your Existing Pieces

If you have mainly silver mirrors and bowls, give them a lift by placing golden candlesticks next to them. Tall and short items together create an interesting display. If you need to purchase a new mirror, consider a two-toned one.

Sophistication Is Key with a Metallic Theme

There are colours to suit all tastes, whether the tone you want to set is light and chic or dark and atmospheric. For the chic look, consider pastel colours or cool greys as your accent colour. For a moodier effect, think of a jewel colour or dark blue as your accent shade. This will also give you more of a maximalist feel. If you need to purchase some new Vintage Furniture for a more major interior design project, have a look at Vintage Furniture online.

Lighting Effects

Never forget that your lighting choices can make or break your design project. Not only that, but you can play wonderful tricks with lighting. Throwing soft lighting on to silver pieces will give the illusion of splashes of gold. Purchase lamps with gold-lined shades or seek out foil-coated bulbs for different effects.

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