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Make sure you don’t use a silicone hose for these two garage jobs

Silicone hoses offer many practical virtues and can be used for a very wide range of tasks, offering great functionality and durability, However, there are certain scenarios where it is not a wise idea to use silicone hoses, and here are two jobs that you might carry out in a garage where silicone hose is not suitable.

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Working with oil

Any jobs that require working with oil in a garage should not use silicone hoses, as silicone has very poor resistance to oils. They should also never be used as oil drain lines, as the oil can start to weep through the hose. According to Verocious Motorsports, over time, the silicone will swell and the physical properties will diminish to the point where the hose will actually fail. You should also avoid spraying oil-based lubricants such as WD40 on the silicone hose, as this can cause discolouration of the hose.

Working with fuel

Like oil, fuel is also not compatible with silicone hoses, so you should never use a silicone hose on any garage task where fuel is present, particularly if you are working on vehicles. Silicone should never be used as fuel lines, as again it will cease to function. Some vehicles contain a lot of hydrocarbons in their vacuum lines, and fuel or oil can become contaminated in these lines, both internally and externally. Where silicone hoses are used, these can actually swell up to the extent that the hose crumbles and falls apart.

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Before you carry out a job in your garage, it is always worth checking that a silicone hose is appropriate for use, and, certainly, if oils or fuels are part of the task you are undertaking, keep silicone hoses out of the way. When you do need to use a silicone hose, it is always a sensible idea to purchase a good quality hose from reputable silicone hose manufacturers, such as www.goodflexrubber.com.

High quality silicone hoses help to ensure longevity of the product and a reliable performance.

Generally, silicone hoses are most suited for tasks relating to air or water. Should you need to use a hose for oil or fuel vapour, it is advisable to speak to a specialist hose supplier, who will probably suggest using fluoro silicone hoses, which are more suitable for this task.

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